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irig keys io 49


Does anyone one have any experience with the ik multimedia irig keys io 49?

Looks like a very nice all in one controller/audio interface, small and comes bundled with a load of free software apparentley.

Does anyone know if this unit requires passive or active monitors, i have tried the IK support and they got back to me very quickly but basically told me to look at the spec sheet for the product but i can't find the answer there.


  • The manual says it's a "line output", +13 dBu in 600 ohms. That means you'd need active speakers. It would be pretty unusual for and audio interface to include a power amp. I have the earlier iRig Keys Pro, without the audio interface. I find the keys rattley, and the USB interface connection is tricky.

  • Thanks @uncledave I'm pretty inexperienced with this sort of thing so that's really helpful.

  • You will always need active monitors, there is no option to play with this keyboard with the speakers in the ipad if you would like that sometimes. Just saying.

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    I have the io 49. On paper, it's a great keyboard. I was trying to save space and reduce the amount of wiring necessary every time I want to record. It works fine, but I'm not knocked out with the audio interface quality (and it's only one input). The worst thing is the proprietary cable. It doesn't have usb or midi, just two VERY short adaptor cables, one for lightning, the other for usb. They are unusable unless you are very close to your ipad/computer. A replacement cable is €36! For a cable you will never be able to use with anything else.
    The keybed is fine, and it's very small considering it has 49 full-sized keys.
    If I was spending the money again, I'd buy a more versatile keyboard that could easily connect with other gear, plus an interface. I regret buying it.
    Yes - you'll need active speakers or an amp.

  • Thanks all, I appreciate the info.

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