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New Music Video

edited March 2014 in Creations

Hey guys. Thought I'd share this here. All the music was made while my girlfriend and I were on vacation in Hawaii using various apps and my quneo. Robins vocals were recorded with the ipad mic and processed with a couple effects apps (I think jamup mostly, she stole my ipad and went on a walk). I made the video over the course of a couple months in after effects. Anywho, hope some folks enjoy it!


  • Impressive! Nice job!

  • Hell yeah, that was great!

  • Nice work!

  • Great video and music - I enjoyed it! :)

  • Nicely done. Top notch start to finish.

  • 3:17 of goodness! Nice stuff indeed. How did you make the video?

  • Thanks guys! @thinds the video was made in after effects using a bunch of layers of things sliced out of photoshop and put into a 3d environment. You can do a lot of cool camera movements and depth of field stuff with a camera layer. It was a lot of fun to make. I'm working on a video right now using a lot of the same concepts but compositing in a stop motion model I made. Really excited about how it's turning out.

  • edited April 2014

    Breakbeat, love the drums. This reminds me a lot of Buck65.

  • Thanks, I'm definitely a buck65 fan.

  • beautiful and well done work!! (both music & video)

    3D layers environment... i'm going to play a little with AE and the camera movements. really crazy program to do whatever you have in your mind. very inspiring.

  • Thanks, yeah AE is insane, you can do so much! Here is a little scene from my next music video I'm working on. I'm using a lot of the same techniques as the last one but also mixing in stop motion. It's been a lot of fun.

  • reminds me of Ladytron... love it !

  • great track.. reminds me of Massive attack

  • Very cool! Video/Animation accompaniment to original music is a future experiment very much on my todo list.

    Tried to download that new clip via 3 ipad browsers without luck. Is it only accessible via desktop?

  • Loved how the video style worked with the song. Great work!

  • Thanks! I went ahead and uploaded that new clip. I'm about a quarter of the way through this new one but haven't had much time to work on it lately as I'm trying to book a tour to the west coast right now.

  • Cool...looks fun!

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