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Boom 808 from Pulse Code, Demo and Tutorial

As TR808 sims go, and there are a lot of them, this is really good, and for the price a bargain


  • Thanks Doug. Well done.

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    Thanks, Doug.
    Having Rebirth, this one...even at that price?

    I answer to myself. No question.

  • No MIDI in Rebirth. So far DrumJam is the only drum app that, imo, makes this app unnecessary. Even then, this app has the step sequencer, DrumJam doesn't.

  • Its a lot easier on the eyes and fingers than Rebirth too. I don't need to squint and pinpoint prod.

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    Comment edited due to idiotic ramblings

    Edit: Nevermind, I'm senile. The fonts etc are actual 808 "fonts". Meesa sooly

  • The design of both was obviously borrowed from the original hardware, or am I missing something?

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    @firejan82 said:

    The design of both was obviously borrowed from the original hardware, or am I missing something?

    No you're not. I was.

    (Sorry Pulse Code, you guys rock!:)

  • Yeah.... I din't buy it yet because I don't think I'll ever need it, but I'm sure it's quality emulation.

  • One question: Description says AB compatible, but it doesn't appear in App list of this forum.

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    I will have a look

  • It's there in the list of inputs in the app

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    Ok. Thanks. I didn't find it in the App list of this forum.

  • Does anyone know how similar this is to the hardware? How accurate it is feature-wise to the Roland 808?

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    I know this one.

    No AB, but song mode. There is a free version to check it.

  • So, I downloaded Boom 808! this morning. It sounds great, and I do love the overdrive/compression features that Doug outlined in his video, but it's missing some key features, IMO:

    • No ability to export timed loops (you can AudioCopy .wav files, but only live recordings, so they aren't timed properly for a loop)
    • No direct export to DropBox, though you can copy to AudioShare, obviously
    • No pitch control on the bass drum! (This one burns me - don't know if pitch control on bass was native to the TR-808, but it's "native" to several dozen other iOS apps that have 808's in them!)

    On the plus side, the sound quality is pretty solid, and interface (while a little small on the screen) has everything you need up front. The independent decay and tone controls for certain instruments are pretty awesome too.

    Thing is, I have the free version of EGDR808 linked above, and while it isn't as polished-looking, it works with AudioBus and has that pitch control on the bass drum!

    Anybody else have Boom 808!? (We can skip over the part about 808's being played out and the 808 app market being oversaturated, please :))

  • I like the sound, but I found a little bit hard work through the patterns.
    Most part I' m agree with you.
    0,89€ and supporting the dev.

  • @fjcblanco said:

    I like the sound, but I found a little bit hard work through the patterns.
    Most part I' m agree with you.
    0,89€ and supporting the dev.

    Patterns were another issue. I don't generally care because I don't use them. I understand in a live setting how you might use them, but apps like this feel like they're adopting early 1980's technology into a 2014 app. Recording "patterns" into "banks" where I can't even see what the pattern is and there isn't even a song mode to arrange them sequentially doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

    I'm only complaining about the app because it does sound pretty good. Hopefully the dev will do something about loop exports and a few other tweaks.

  • Also, does anyone else have issues with voices cancelling each other out? I can't get hi hats to play at the same time as a BD or SD when sequencing from an external MIDI app (BM2), and haven't seen any choking function in the app.

  • The choking or mute function has caused that in other apps, but I don't know if I've seen that in Boom 808!, and I haven't tried it with MIDI. Sorry.

  • I don't think Boom 808 receives external MIDI Clock Sync which is a bit annoying for a drum machine. I like it other than that though.

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  • I don't think I want to spring the $3.99 for a 2nd dedicated 808 app (and one with dodgy reviews, to put it gently), but I do wish the tuning features and drum fill options from EDGR808 were in Boom 808! Tough for me to say if EDGR808 is actually any good because you can't program patterns in the free version - it's basically 12 presets and some fills, and you can turn the knobs (but sounds good).

  • Which 808 apps have a tuning for the bass drum? Of my apps that look like an 808, the BD always just has level, tone, and decay. Rebirth, EGDR808, Boom/Rhythm Studio are the ones I can verify.

    It is missing the fills, but Boom does have decay for the OH and pan control.

  • DrumJam, DM1 and Funkbox all have the ability to tune a BD on an 808 kit.

  • @CSwinn - There really are only a few dedicated TR-808 apps - Boom and EDGR808 are the two most notable ones that I can find. But 808 simulators are all over the place, often within drum machine apps like DM-1 that feature a large number of machines. (As a sidenote: Now that I've heard some some different 808 apps and have a number .wav samples/SoundFonts with 808 sounds...OH MY GOD was everyone here right about DM-1's sounds being terrible. I don't even know what that bass drum is supposed to be, but now I get what everyone meant!)

    Anyway, EGDR808 has tuning for pretty much all of the instruments, bass drum included. And apps like DM-1 or EasyBeats 3 that are sample-based often have pitch control that works on the bass drum. I'm realizing now that this may not have been an original feature of the 808, so perhaps it's not fair to criticize Boom 808! for not having it. But I really like it as a feature - it almost works like a sub bass or really low-freq. "tom". Just a little worried that EDGR808 isn't great as an overall app, though the dev did update it in December and posted on these forums.

  • Updated on 06/11/2014; I note that it adds MIDI Clock Sync, which some people above complained about it not having (I believe Boom909! had this feature at release).

    What's New in Version 1.2:
    MIDI Sync
    Audiobus Play-Stop Trigger
    Bug Fixes

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