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Pixel Nodes 2 has audio reactive potential

I'm always on the lookout for audio reactive video apps.

Pixel Nodes v2 was released recently and includes some rudimentary capability for controlling parameters via MIDI, mic, audio, and OSC:

I really like the modular approach.

I'm hoping they add support for external audio interfaces and MIDI channel selection, and provide a better way to select and/or learn MIDI messages.

It would also be helpful to add a simple filter (low-pass/high-pass/band-select) to the mic and audio controllers in order to isolate a feature of the audio.


  • @mojozart

    thank you for mentioning this app. i’ve never come across it.

    i can’t find v2 though. is it about to be released?

    are you using pixel nodes? do you like it?

    seems like a very simplified Jitter, or TouchDesigner.

    the audio control part sounds cool. maybe build an Atari Video Music emu.

  • @frond version 2 of Pixel Nodes was released a few weeks ago

    I like it. The short tutorials are helpful.

    I can see how it might be similar to TouchDesigner comes to iPad. Or with some improvements it could be Magic Music Visuals comes to iPad..

  • Update:

    Using FAC Envolver to generate MIDI CC, and the MidiFire app to create virtual ports, the audio was able to modulate the video in Pixel Nodes.

  • @mojozart

    i spent a few minutes with pixel nodes. it’s nice.

    i’ve yet to try audio modulating objects, but i’m looking forward to it.

    thank you for sharing 🙂

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