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Advice requested - best way to get audio & MIDI from AUM into Ableton in a single live pass?

Hi all,

Tl:dr version: Is there anything compact/affordable out there which can handle 8 simultaneous live channels of audio and 8 channels MIDI direct from the channels in AUM on IPad to corresponding channels in Ableton on Mac, such that a live ‘performance’ of a piece (e.g. manually operating faders, punching parts in and out etc) can be captured and recorded, audio and MIDI both, on the fly? At the moment I’m recording the audio per channel in AUM, just forgetting the MIDI, and porting over the loops, which is okay, but this obviously forgoes the ability to switch instrumentation or significantly rework the original material in Ableton.

I have a couple of Audio interfaces, including the one built into my Soundcraft desk, and a now obsolete Iconnect MIDI2+ which seems sadly somewhat flaky in operation, and, when it works, relatively over-specified for the task in hand as I don’t need to be sequencing hardware at all.

I only recently discovered IDAM was a thing, and that would be perfect but for the fact that, unless I missed something, it is stereo audio in only. (Leading me to think that maybe I need to go old school overdub style and record 4 passes of the same piece with a different set of live AUM channels each time- not ideal as it will prevent noodling on the fly.)

I preferably don’t want to involve my Soundcraft desk either, as although that has a built in audio interface it is set up primarily for my hardware experiments, and I’m trying as far as possible to keep this strictly between AUM on the iPad and Ableton on the Mac with as little flow-killing replugging and as much couch-composability as possible.

I also have a Zoom U44 which has both audio and midi and is great for integrating my small selection of hardware when required for sampling purposes, (and it can even run off batteries!) but it is limited to a maximum 4 discrete channels of simultaneous audio.

Iconnectivity seem to have withdrawn entirely from the unique IOS Audio & MIDI combined thing they did, their current line up seem to be conventional audio interfaces, and none capable of what the MIDI 2+ and 4+ did.

So I’m wondering: is there such a thing as an IDAM expander, in either hardware or software? Or alternatively: what’s the leanest workflow to record straight from AUM to Ableton that you know?

I know, I know, RTFM, ( :) ), but I can’t help but feel there should be an easy way to do this, if only I was techy enough to figure it out.

All suggestions welcome.

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