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Turnado fun, but i can select only mono input...

hi all I was here before but forgot my alias/login...

i am running Seekbeats into turnado. In the bus offcourse. In turnado i can only select input 1 to output 2 , which means mono input...
Seekbeats is stereo.
anyone that can shine his light on this?
thank you!!


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    Turnado processes both L/R here when running SeekBeats through Turnado inside Audiobus. Turnados input and outputs should be greyed out and be in "Audiobus" mode (and you shouldn't be able to select anything).

    Here's how it looks under Turnados settings on my iPad using that setup:

    • Mode - Audiobus
    • Inputs / Ouputs - In 1 / Out 1+2

    One thing to always keep in mind is to make a habit of having all apps closed/killed. Then start start Audiobus first, and subsequently the inputs-effects-output. Don't know if that's what causing you to get a mono signal though.

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    thank you Chris. I have been experimenting with starting other apps first in order to get the longer latency for my ipad 2, so it makes sence that this would be the issue. I will check that.


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    But wait, I mean I want it to read input 1 & 2 in Turnado, in order to get panning and stereo work from Seekbeats.


  • When Turnado is in "Audiobus mode" you should get a proper stereo signal with panning and all from SeekBeats. If you do a simple beat with two sounds in SeakBeat and hard pan each sound to left and right, do you still get a mono signal in Turnado?

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    Yes I found out that with mentioned, and only possible Turnado settings, the signal is stereo and working like it should.
    So if in/output 1&2 do not stand for Left and Right what do they stand for?
    What is Turnado output 1 & 2 if they are not Left and Right?
    Sorry if these are dumb questions, but i hope there is some extra interesting functionality that i'v missed ??

    thanks for your interest

  • In AB mode, the audio isn't modifiable and forced to Inputs / Ouputs - In 1 / Out 1+2, so it appears that the ip is strictly mono, but the op will be stereo. I imagine SugarBytes would need to comment on whether they could allow that to be selectable.

  • In Audiobus mode, both input and output are stereo signals (hence why the input/output are greyed out). I was just posting that as a reference, since I thought you did get a mono signal from SeekBeats, and anything could be useful info I guess when troubleshooting :)

  • If it is stereo, why is In labeled as In 1, rather than In 1+2?

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    @funjunkie27 said:

    If it is stereo, why is In labeled as In 1, rather than In 1+2?

    But they're greyed-out though, those settings doesn't apply to anything when it's all in Audiobus mode. Maybe Sugar Bytes could make a few more minor design thingys here to make it more apparent to a user that it is a full stereo path through Turnado when in AB mode. Usually grey-ing things out means that particular setting (or whatever) is bypassed tho.

    (*Disclaimer: I'm not a programmer or anything, and is as always speaking out of my ass, so I could be totally wrong about everything just said.)

  • That makes sense except that I would expect it to reflect the actual state. Thanks @ChrisG.

  • ...which it does but I would think that at least input & output would have consistent labeling.
    smart ass mode off...

    thanks, We know how it works now, :)

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