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Ascension / Zeeon, Hillman, SynTronik

edited May 2020 in Creations

And BeatHawk Double Bass, Bassalicious Touch Acoustic Bass, PSP choir.


  • McDMcD
    edited May 2020

    For my musical tastes you are really on a roll. The discipline for me is building on a theme using creative variations. The repetition of the theme pulls me back into the music with every iteration with some knowledge. The brain likes getting a certain amount of prediction correct and theme with variation really satisfy those listener dynamics.

    Also the creative selection of great instruments/synths and presets creates a powerful array of textures and also serves to add to the theme variation cycles with new textures.

    It's a power approach combined with your chordal improvisations and strong bass line renderings.

    I need to give that Hillman synth a serious listen to see which sound it contributed here. I have the rest.

  • edited November 23

    Thanks @McD, things are evolving re my choices of instruments, I think. As to theme and variations, my improvising approach seems the same to me. You know, Tristano was considered an intellectual by his fellow musicians. His improvisations appeared “composed” but, of course, they weren’t. Yet Lennie’s musical consciousness engulfed so much music it is impossible not to expect his improvs were not affected by a huge database of musical input.

    Thanks @robertreynolds, for your ultrakind remarks about Destiny Calling. Repulse The Monkey is doing a version with words. We should be able to check it out next week. I really appreciate your listening to my stuff.

  • Beautiful one
    THis is one of those that got away back then :lol:
    Searching for Hillman in tracks, found this beauty

    Cheers, Mike :heart:

  • Good to hear from you, my friend. Hillman is a good one. So many choices! I had forgotten about this track (Of course). I enjoyed hearing it again. Take care of yourself 😘🙏

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