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Cubasis 3 FX Automation Capabilities

Is there a way to apply FX—compression in this case—to a portion of a guitar track but not the whole track?

What I have is an acoustic picking section in a song where the pick attack is soft-moderate throughout except at this one part. It’s ~3 seconds of audio. I thought I could just duplicate the track, split the ~3 second section on the duplicate and apply the compression. But that creates a “clicking” link on/off sound on playback.

Steinberg and Reddit Cubasis forums are useless, and I’ve always had better luck with tips I’ve found/read here.

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  • You could try to record the automation, while the sequencer is running open the plug-in and the W to write automation...
    For built-in plug-ins it's also possible to directly draw the automation which might be easier if it's a matter of turning the effect on/off.

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    You could also try what you are already doing, but do quick micro-fades instead of using mutes. Also when trimming out your 3 seconds, leave a little head and tail for the micro fades to happen just outside of your 3 second clip.

    Also do complimentary, opposite fades on your main track to silence it during the 3 second clip.

    This should get rid of the clicking when you switch tracks.

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