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FAC Phazer - Daveypoo, The Mobile Music Minstrel

All Fred Anton Corvest.

All the time!


  • Really cool video! Well done!

  • Glad you liked it!

  • Hey Dave, top notch video my friend! Bravissimo.

  • Grazie mille, Andrea!

  • You are so right about the core audio quality of the FAC apps: Chorus, Alteza Reverb, Phazer and more. Some vendors seem to have some core audio code that makes their stuff alway sound great: ToneBoosters, FF, Yonac, Nembrini and @FredAntonCorvest are must must haves when they drop a new app.

    Thanks for exposing the range of the presets and also covering the manual settings to "program" this amazing FX tool. Alteza has been on all my AUM master tracks lately and this one is a good option for a change. I've been playing with App parameters tied to Rozeta LFO lately and everything has been really coming alive. So, mapping the AU Parameters in FAC Phazr is definitely on the my short list after a I figure out how to
    use my new EWI. It also will require me to master CC's to use the breath, bite and pitch bend nuances. Probably a call for Mozaic CC filtering and routing. My MAC has tools to make the EWI do magic but not sure if the IOS tools exist yet.

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    I get enthusiastic about numerous apps because thee are so many excellent tools out there, but I could not agree more @McD

    Something about Fred's apps just make the sound come ALIVE. I'm sure that it's some part gain increase and some part stereo Widener but that doesn't fully explain or express how rich and thick the resultant tone is coming from his apps.

    Excited to hear what you do with the breath controller... New sonic horizons await!

  • @Daveypoo said:
    Excited to hear what you do with the breath controller... New sonic horizons await!

    So far I'm getting the best results using iFretless Brass on the Euphonium Preset.
    It took hours to find it and get my fingering muscle memory back.

    I had a significant detour dealing with the Mac software that came on a CD so I could
    check out the alternative finger options (trumpet, flute, sax, versions). Not worth bothering. I'm definitely going to need Pitch bend controls and some CC re-mapping.
    The attack threshold default to too high.

    But the Euphonum sounds almost natural. And almost is closer than I ever got with
    MIDI keyboards so I'm glad I have the option. I should go back and compare the expressive potential to MIDI Guitar 2 using some of the same targets. MIDI Guitar 2 gives excellent control over bending that this does not. I need to map a MIDI curve to the pitch bend because it's out of control and way too easy to trigger with the right thumb and just send he intonation into beginner pitch control hell.

    It also seems really restricted on dynamics... tending to play everything too soft or you can bump it up to cut through but with limited dynamic range due to that attack threshold
    detail I need to resolve with some MIDI FX or Mozaic script processing.

    I have a nice mix of play and puzzle solving ahead of me.

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