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Cubasis2 & 3 midi editor question

So, in using the midi editor in CB2 I find I can only move a note in beat increments. No fractional beat moves seem possible.

  1. Is it possible to move a note a half beat (1/8 note) or smaller on the timeline? If so, how?

  2. The CB3 midi editor is noted to be more precise. Can you move notes fractions of beats on 3 if not on 2?

  3. How else is the midi editor different in CB3 from the earlier version?

Thanks very much!


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    You just have to adjust your grid snap size, or turn it off completely. It is next to the Quantize setting toward the right end of the toolbar.
    The button that looks like a grid with some numbers under it is the one.

  • Thanks, @CracklePot. You have a lot of the answers. Can you tell me the diff between the midi editor in 2 and 3? Strindberg seems to have made it mor3 sensitive, ppqn 960 is noted in info for example.

  • That is for how small of an increment you can move in Free grid mode (no snapping).
    Even in Free Grid mode, it is still ‘snapping’ , just in really small time increments.

    The actual length of time for the smallest increment changes with tempo, since it is measured in Parts Per Quarter Note. I think Cub2 had 48 ppqn, and Cub3 is 960 ppqn.
    I think a note value equivalent would be:
    absolute minimum note durations -
    Cub2 (192nd note)
    Cub3 (3,872nd note).

  • Thanks @CracklePot. That seems like a huge difference, but I doubt it would matter to me. Just snapping to a 1/16th or 1/32 should suffice for me. After all, what I do is like govt work.

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