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Analogue into iPad Pro USB-C

Hi, I've been lurking around these pages for an eternity but have now needed to actually participate due to get an answer to what seems like an impossible question (hope you like a challenge...)
I have an iPad pro loaded with many years worth of audio apps and an monophonic analogue synth which I would like to record into it.
The synth out is 1/4" mono jack and I have an abundance of USB (2 & 3) ports and what appears to be a 3.5mm headphone jack.
The DAC's in an iPad must be able to go A-D because of the mic's so can anyone enlighten as to how I get the signal from the synth into an app (sample or DAW etc) so that I can tinker away to my hearts content.
Any advice appreciated. Thanks.



  • @Argy I guess you have some sort of USB C hub/adapter (make/model?) that attaches to the iPad. It may include an audio interface for that 3.5 mm jack. See if it has a TRRS connector like for earbuds (the extra ring contact is for the mic). If so, try to find an adapter from 1/4" to the mic part of that jack. Otherwise, you'll need a small USB audio interface to connect your input. There are lots available from makers like PreSonus, Motu, Zoom, etc. There's no external access to the ADC for the iPad mic.

  • Thanks Dave, was hoping to avoid another thing to find a plug for!
    Any recommendations for a 24 bit 96khz interface?

  • @Argy Sorry, no. Lots more wiser heads here on that subject. You might try a search on the site for "audio interface". Obviously, prices range from moderate to astronomic. Did you check whether the 3.5 mm jack on your box has a mic input? That might be a shortcut. You might be able to tell by loading an app that accepts audio input and see if it offers the box.

  • Hi Dave, I did check directly with he manufacturer who told me it was only a Trs output. Really appreciate your help.

    I’m scouring the interweb for Interfaces, there’s some low cost USB mini mixers which look like they’ll be ok, just trying to find one that’s do 24 bit 96khz.

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