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I cannot get Beatmaker 3 to export my tracks without audio glitches. Please help.

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I am on a 2017 10.5 inch ipad pro. In the last few months, every time I export a track to a wav file, I get a final product with audio glitches.

They sound like this: Droove.wav?dl=0 skip to 1:40.

Inside of BM3, when I'm working on the song, the glitches do not exist. But as soon as I export them as a .wav to my dropbox, I can hear glitches that have been saved into the audio file.

I'm on 1024 latency exporting at 16-bit, there isn't much more "low quality, high peformance" things I can change. Has anyone else had this problem? Is my ipad getting too old? Do I need to bounce my AU's to audio tracks and delete the AU's to save CPU on the export? What gives?


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    Groovy! Was doing a little dance. I like it.

    Back to topic, yup, BM3 exports in 'non-realtime' so certain plugins that rely on the host's tempo get fubared when exporting to audio.
    Workaround is to record those tracks to an Audio Track. May want to to try a slightly lower latency too.
    Which plugins are you using?

  • Thanks! I'm only using a LinnDrum drum bank and one instance of Neo Soul Keys Studio 2.

    From what I understand you're saying, it's not a cpu issue, but an AU issue? I don't have a problem bouncing MIDI to a audio track, but I don't like closing out of the AU instances because it makes it hard to back and do revisions.

  • True, these workarounds are annoying.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the Gospel Musicians' apps are 'RAM-heavy' apps, due to being sample-based. (?)

    I use the same iPad (2017 Pro 10.5"), and have noticed that BM3 is more 'sensitive' to memory issues, eg, after watching YouTube videos, I need to reset memory &/ or before working in BM3, otherwise sample-heavy sessions are prone to corruption.

    Maybe let Gospel Musicians know? I do recall reading that multiple instances of Ravenscroft piano or the Crudebyte sample-based apps are troublesome in most hosts.

  • Yeah it makes sense that GM’s apps are as demanding as they are. At least they sound good.

    Now that you point it out, problems tend to get worse throughout long sessions. I might start rebooting before I export. Thanks for your help :)

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