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iVCS3 Sequencer MIDI Control

Is it possible to control the sequencer timing with MIDI? I cannot get it to work but probably I am missing something obvious. Other MIDI functions are working ok.

Have tried Midibus, Phaedra and little midi.


  • Yep, need to turn midi on in the preferences - after that it should work fine. I've been playing it with Thesys and SP Pro.

    You might also like to make sure that the OFF control in the envelope is turned all the way over to manual so you're only triggering notes from the midi controller.

  • Don't think that's what they were asking. Can iVCS respond to MIDI clock?

  • Oh. I've just realised I misread your post, many apologies!

    Nope, doesn't look like timing is working at the moment, I've tried and can't get it to work either.

  • Thanks all, I will stop banging my head against the wall for a little while. It does seem to be just the sequencer timing that is unresponsive.

    Fantastic synth though. It's the only modular that has made any sense to me thus far.

  • @thinds said:

    Thanks all, I will stop banging my head against the wall for a little while.

    That's not the best way to generate MIDI sync.

  • One of your best there @PaulB. A real cracker so to speak:-)

  • Certainly helps me understand what I've been doing wrong! I had to laugh @PaulB's response as well. Quite the visual for me.

  • Just found this Lemur Template for iVCS.

    The same Softcore did an outstanding job with Microtonic.

  • edited March 2014

    That's pretty cool, I want that! That accent I mean. The template is also cool plus I need to get that Lemur app already.

  • Lemur price is 50% off at the moment.
    Can you sequence more than 16 steps in Lemur?

  • It goes up to 64 steps, but that's just when I try to edit a template- not sure if there's a more advanced way to specify even more.

    But speaking of banging your head against the wall- you can't control iVCS3's sequencer using MIDI....

  • I'm a MIDI wonk. Through and through. I also have iVCS3, but I do not have Lemur. What is the selling point, given I already have Midi Designer, TB Midi Stuff, and TouchOSC?

  • Lemur has a lot of premade templates for apps you probably use. That's probably the biggest draw over the others. It can also do MIDI or OSC.

  • A guy from Synth Project are making a controller for iVCS3:

  • Another selling point to Lemur is the physics engine. Controls can have an elasticity to them, which yields some crazy effects.

  • That iVCS3 controller is as good as purchased!

  • I don't think any are for sale but this gives me a new project. Great ideas there, those are sweet and don't look hard to build. The Synth project stuff looks top quality.

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