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I-Pad 2 optimization for a Live PA

edited March 2014 in App Tips and Tricks

Had to get my Ipad replaced and the new ( still an Ipad2) one that the store gave me has been performing horribly. I've turned all the settings off and keep wifi off during performances and I still can only get about two apps running at a time. I desparately need to run four including audiobus. Does anyone have good experiences with running 4 or more apps with an Ipad 2. I have 64gb about 34gb available. The apps I really need to run are SUnrizer, a drum machine ( SeekBeats or FunkBox) , Beatmaker2 in the O/P slot and AudioBus of course.



  • Hi, Me to I am interested in getting the most out of ipad 2. I have learned a few little tricks untill now: start up sunriser first. Set audio latency to 1024. restart just to be sure the first time. Starting up a 1024 latency app will trick ios into running all next apps with that latency.
    Further I use Cleaner (cydia app) for allocating max ram before I start everything. I amguessing something simular must be available at the appstore. That and turning off wifi should get you some better performance.
    Always keen to learn more tricks offcourse...

    Good luck.

  • A full reset can bring life back to ipad2 along with other tricks, like having at least 3.5 gig free. Running memory recovery apps before starting live session.

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