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Is there a comprehensive list of Drum Machine like Apps that has Midi Sync & Start and STop?

edited March 2014 in Support and Feedback

Or if you guys know of some let me know. I have a lot of drum machine apps that are in my Apps "basement" folder because they are just stand alone apps that don't sync with anything.

SO far the only two I have are
FunkBox ( Rock solid synch and start/stop)
Easybeats 3 ( some configuring but good)
Beatmaker 2 ( the whole DAW syncs really well)

Ones that should,,, be suck at it.
Dm-1 ( will only keep sync for about 2 bars. Won't start and stop with anything I have other than funkbox.)
Studio 1111 ( Because it won't upgrade to pro version)

The ones I have that don't
Evil Machine
Studio 1111 ( because it won't update)
Korg Gadget



  • SeekBeats latest update added MIDI sync and it works (and SeekBeats is a great app, gets lots of love here)

  • Will look it up immediately

  • not a drum machine - although you can get synthesized drum sounds from it - but Magellan's sequencer and Arp both respond to midi sync/stop/start very well.

  • I thought MoDrum did it.

  • Would be great if someone like @discchord or @palmsounds put together a matrix of which drum apps do what. There are indeed a lot out there.

    Drum Perfect sounds amazing and has a pretty incredible feature set. I miss a dedicated 'see all instruments at once' grid mode that a lot of us have grown accustomed to but other than that, it's the drum app at the moment. Can't believe it's a 1.0.

    SeekBeats is a blast but 1) you can't load samples and 2) no song mode. No samples is what makes it special but it might not be what you're looking for. Or not 100% of the time.

    Molten syncs really well but no song mode either. Can load samples and has good sound manipulation capabilities. Would love to see a 2.0 of this that used some of the best ideas introduced in drum and sequencing apps since it's release 3.5 years ago.

    Funkbox is still the most reliable sync available. Wish it had an actual song mode. You can fake it by copying presets around and pressing the first and the last in the sequence together at the same time but it's not quite the same. Cool to be able switch kits on the fly though! Also, the samples, brilliant as they are, are on the quiet side. Can't wait until AB2 because I'll use it more often again by putting it on it's own AB channel with a boost of some sort in the effects slot.

    You might also try this post by @paulb to see if you can't DM1 to play nice again. I haven't used it in a while but a recentish update may have broken sync again.

    Genome is good with syncing. I always say I'm going to try this but never actually do it: Genome triggering DM1's sounds as a "drum machine". Could also trigger BS-16i or any number of other drum apps (including NanoStudio or Beatmaker). Though if you already have beatmaker, might as well use that but I imagine when you say 'drum machine' you mean 'step sequencer with drum sounds'.

  • Ah yes - StepPolyArp also syncs well - and you could use that to trigger Dm1 or any drum app.

  • DrumJam.

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