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Teaching Emergency Need Help Quick Please & Thank You!

I have been here many years although I do not post a lot, but I love music and gear of course.

To make a very long story short, I am an instructor at a large Canadian Technical Institution and we are online now with the LMS Brightspace D2L.

This is all a rather last minute thing so everyone is scrambling and I came up with the bright idea that I should teach from home in the same manner that I used to teach in the classroom. What I used to do is draw circuits out on a large whiteboard with whiteboard markers. There is a lot of math, physics, electricity, electronics, magnetism, etc. in the course, and my whiteboard drawings are supplemented with textbooks and PowerPoints (I do not much like PowerPoints for all the usual reasons) but the real magic takes place with a calculator in one hand and a whiteboard marker in the other as I draw out circuits and do the math and the students follow along and ask questions, etc.

I want to do the same thing in my home office by having a camera and mic sent to my students in real time and they can talk to me at the same time. We have both Bongo and Zoom but those platforms seem to default to more of a virtual whiteboard / teaching environment with maybe tablet input if you want.

I do not want to adapt me to Zoom / Bongo I want Zoom / Bongo to adapt to me.

Can I have it so that my students can all hear me and see me and I can hear them and they can see what I am doing on my whiteboard in my office?

I have to have it all sorted out by Monday.

Can Zoom / Bongo be used like a Skype equivalent so that it seems my students are in my office with me? The teaching group I am working with seems to favours Zoom but the Institution favours Bongo.




  • Hey there. I've been working in education software for many years and can offer advice. How many students?

  • I have no experience of Bongo, but Zoom will certainly do what you need. However, meetings of >40 minutes require a subscription.

  • @dpeace said:
    I have no experience of Bongo, but Zoom will certainly do what you need. However, meetings of >40 minutes require a subscription.

    Most unis have accounts with zoom or equivalent. I assume @puppychumful has a "pro" account from the school through D2L.

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    Zoom in Canada have just lifted limitations to free educational accounts to 100 participants and unlimited meeting minutes. Until end of June.

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