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Virtual music lessons - best platform?

My son’s drum teacher wants to move his classes to being virtual ones but the main videoconferencing platforms aren’t all set up for that. They compress and gate the signal which makes it all but impossible to work with.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this? Are there platforms designed for this? Or ones where you can turn some of that stuff off so it becomes workable?


  • My drum teacher and I tried Skype, Zoom and FaceTime. FaceTime worked the best.

    We both use electronic kits which are plugged into a multiple-input audio interface... along with a headset/mic combo. I listen to the head phone of the interface so no latency from my kit. Then on the interface I mix in the return from the computer to hear his feed.

    Here’s where it got tricky... in FaceTime ( or what ever ) you can select the audio interface as the input and output. However as far as I can tell all of these apps only see ‘input 1’ of an interface which is usually a mic input. So the headset mic works but not the drum kit inputs. I found a piece of software called ‘Loopback’ from Rogue Amoeba that exposes all the interface inputs and lets me connect them to a virtual input ( called Loopback ), the I select that as the Facebook input. Trouble is it costs $99 ... but it will run for 20 mins for free...

    I guess if you use acoustic drums the headset mic... or even a webcam mic might cut do teacher student can hear each other’s drums.

    We use webcams for video... pretty straightforward.

    Trying to play together , in time isn’t great. But surprisingly no too bad. However we can back and forth just like a real lesson.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

    By the way, there’s a new (I think) free alternative to Loopback - well, it’s closer to Soundflower, really. It’s called Blackhole and you can get it here.

    I’ve installed it but not had a chance to explore it yet.

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