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Anybody with an iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) upgrade to a newer device yet? - should I upgrade or wait?

I’ve Owned an iPad Pro 10.5, 256gb since it first came out. It has been treating me very well, but we all love to buy knew things and with lockdowns and such had me thinking.

What’s the consensus these days on the best iPad model for music?

I’m still not sure about the newer Pro’s with no headphone jack or home button. But half of me thinks it just my self resisting to any changes. I’m sure I would adapt quickly to the differences. The USB-C is tempting.

Let me know your thoughts my guys. Stay blessed.


  • Well, I just upgraded from a Pro2 to a 2017 500gb 12.9. And it is a big change! Far bigger (literally) than if I had gotten an 11”. And it has a jack and a home button. I also have a seventh gen iPad. All in all a beautiful collection! 4 gb ram seems enough for my purposes.

  • Wait.

    IMO the best iPads for music are the 10.2 that you already own and the Air 3. The Air 3 is about 30% faster than the gen 2 Pro, which means you might be able to squeeze 1 or 2 more instances of any given synth or effect, but I don’t think that’s enough reason to justify the expense of a whole new device.

    All the newer iPads will also lock the sample rate to 48khz unless you use an audio interface, the gen 2 Pro doesn’t.

  • Don’t do this to me... I’ve only recently moved up to a 10.5 pro (from an air 2). It‘s supposed to be the answer to all my music making needs for years to come, don’t tell me it’s obsolete already, I’m still stroking the bodywork.

  • I had a 10.5 but it wasn’t working for me so I got a newer Mini, less storage and smaller but I use it way more.

  • I couldn’t wait, because taps weren’t being recognized, and just got a new Pro 11.

    Not that much faster than my 11, but a very nice device.

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