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What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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Audiobus is the app that makes the rest of your setup better.

Anybody else see Charles Bronson when they look at James Brown?


  • lol look at the 22:05 mark , I swear I see Charles Bronson

  • What I see is the funkiest dude ever. Absolutely love James Brown.

  • staggering amount of funk,

  • at2at2
    edited March 25

    @kobamoto said:
    staggering amount of funk,

    Yeah this was as funky as Charles Bronson got .... thanks to Herbie

  • My dad loved Charles Bronson.

    I remember going to the "video store" to pick out stuff to watch because it was so cool to have movies at home! LOL

    Thanks to the porn industry for making the internet so big.......LOL

    I say that because I heard a cool discussion on the Nerdrotic Youtube Channel in which Gary(host) talking about the first time he remembers internet stuff being anywhere for the first time he remembers it at the end of porn movies.

    He remembered seeing the "@" at the end.

    I just wonder why the fluck he is watching the credits of a porn movie on beta max anyway.....LOL

  • I want to smoke the same shit you do !

  • keep staring at James, now while continuing to look imagine him with his mustache

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