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AUM feedback on endless encoders


I am using AUM and its midi learn function to assign the encoders of my midi controller, the Midi Fighter Twister, to parameters of my audio units, such as Pure Acid or Ruismaker Noir. This works great but my problem occurs after I unplug my midi controller or close the AUM session (after having saved it) at the end of a jam. After I replug the controller or after I reload the saved session to start a new jam, my encoders are reset to zero.

I would like the endless encoders and the LED indicator of each encoder of the Midi Fighter Twister to be reset on the saved CC value of the audio unit parameters they're assigned to.
For this I would need AUM to communicate to the midi controller the CC values of the parameters saved with the session. The manual of the Midi Fighter mentions that "to sync the display value of the CC to the parameter it is controlling in your software of choice, simply map the MIDI OUT for that parameter to the same MIDI number on channel 1", so in theory it should be possible.

In the routing Matrix of AUM, some audio units, such as Ruismaker Noir for example, are available on the top row so I guess they can act as the source and provide MIDI OUT. Other audio units such as Pure Acid only show up in the right-hand column, does it mean that they only have MIDI IN?
Anyway after having linked a parameter of Ruismaker Noir to my midi controller on Channel 1, I tried to tweak the parameter inside the audio unit but the corresponding encoder doesn't react (LED display doesn't move) and after unplugging/replugging, the encoder position and CC value are still reset to zero.

Do you guys have this issue with other midi controllers? I'm trying to find out if the midi controller is the issue or if it's AUM and I would not have this issue with another plug-in host. For the moment I have to reset manually each encoder to their initial CC value, which is not practical.


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    We've been searching for solutions for years but if you want your Midi Twister to work, use a Mac or Win machine with the appropriate software (Ableton Live works very well with incremental controllers).

    Technically it's no problem, @j_liljedahl could add bidirectional MIDi communication for various incremental controllers and LED position feedback but I doubt that he'll be interested in doing so.
    iDevices are built for touch operation and that's how the majority of people use them.

  • Turnado works this way and some other plugins...

  • As a work-around, I would look into MIDI Designer Pro. It's a standalone app (and, let's be honest, rather ugly) but for this usage you wouldn't need to look at it, it would just be in the background doing its thing.

    The basic idea would be to build a virtual replica of your controller. You would connect the real to virtual and have MIDI Designer both provide the feedback to your controller and pass the messages along to AUM.

    In terms of workflow, when you're happy with things in AUM, you would have to remember to go back to MDP and save a snapshot.

    When you recall a session you would need to both load the AUM session and the MDP patch and recall the snapshot.

    I don't have endless encoders with feedback, but I've used this technique to, brute-force, give my dumb, manual controls "memory". When I'm happy with settings I save a snapshot. When I return to a session I just have to tweak the controls on the hardware to match the saved snapshot and I'm back to where I was.

  • +1 for Turnado. I use it in AUM bidirectionally with an encoder controller (over Bluetooth midi). Always a joy.

    Obviously that doesn’t mean it’ll work with all controllers, but if your controller does receive midi then AUM can certainly send it if the App does.

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