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Naked Traveller / Daveypoo Gives Some Light

I wrote the music and lyrics to this song almost fifty years ago. It was the 70s and there was a lot of hope for the future. Dave took my piano rendition and immersed it in Dylanesque grandeur. His guitarism, classic harmonica playing and vocals made me feel good as I worked it over adding the choir. These are tough times. Dave sang of hope and he did it exceptionally well. Thanks, Dave!


  • Thanks for the kind words, Mike. A beautiful tune - I only hope I did it justice!

  • edited March 24

    Nice jobs guys ! @LinearLineman @Daveypoo
    Dave ! Can I call you Zim ? 😉

  • It’s a really nice track!
    I must admit i could have have done without the choir,but that’s only my taste😉.
    Good singing @Daveypoo !
    Very nice song @LinearLineman !
    Take care!

  • Very well played and sung @Daveypoo!!
    Sounds like that song was tailor-made just for you.

  • Nice track and a very good rendition by Dave!

  • edited March 24

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed it - just hoping to do right by Mike's lovely tune. I appreciate the listens!

  • Wow, Mike you wrote a beautiful song and Dave you interpreted it in a stunning way. The lyrics, the harp playing...really brilliant collaboration.

  • Thanks @JRSIV - my harp playing is a bit rusty but I'm happy with how it turned out. Thanks for listening!

  • Thank you @JRSIV. Very kind of you to say so. And thanks for listening @flo26. Would love to get a cameo by you on a future track! It has been a real privilege to collaborate with @Daveypoo. He is multi talented to the max. Wait for the next vocal by @JanKun! I am a fortunate fellow.

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