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Introducing Plotony - An AUv3 Harmonograph Simulator

Plotony - A MIDI Driven Harmonograph Simulator that Turns Chords Into Beautiful, Animated Drawings

Hello everyone, today I released my first AUv3 MIDI plugin. It is called Plotony. 🎉

Plotony is a harmonograph simulator that transforms MIDI input into beautiful, animated drawings. Whenever a MIDI note is played, Plotony transforms the MIDI into its corresponding frequency. Plotony then appends a pendulum to its simulation with this frequency and outputs the modified rendering of the harmonograph in its center display. This seamless bridge between music and art is bound to spark creativity in any musician or producer.

Plotony also serves a practical purpose as it is capable of showing you exactly what chord you are playing along with the names of the various intervals contained within it.

In the app, Plotony offers a list of preset samples to select from when playing the onscreen keyboard. Plotony also offers support for external MIDI input from devices such as keyboards connected via Lightning/USB-C or other MIDI producing apps through Plotony’s virtual MIDI port. Additionally, Bluetooth MIDI keyboards can be connected to Plotony by tapping the Bluetooth icon located on the right side of the screen.

Plotony can be loaded into host applications such as AUM as an AUv3 MIDI effect. Plotony’s state will be automatically preserved across sessions. The onscreen keyboard, preset selector, and sound-making capabilities are removed in the audio unit to create a more streamlined and focused experience. Plotony is also compatible with Audiobus and can be loaded in as a MIDI filter.

You can watch a quick demo video of the AUv3 below:

You can find out more information on my website at:

The app can be downloaded at:

Note: Plotony is currently only supported on iPads which run iOS 13 and up.


  • Looks cool! Does it send out the midi sent into it?

  • @auxmux said:
    Looks cool! Does it send out the midi sent into it?

    Yes, the AUv3 simply passes the MIDI through without adding any effects.

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