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Looking for a scale remapper in AUV3


I recently bought a hardware keyboard but I can’t actually play 😅. So I need some app that remaps the white keys to a scale I want to play. I tried scalebud, and Rozeta scaler, but these apps seem to filter/quantize rather than remap. Any suggestions for an app that does this?


  • ThumbJam might do this - not auv3 though

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    ScaleBud does this...
    (Ooops, it doesn't remap but mutes out-of scale keys).

  • Mozaic script I believe.

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    Also not auv3 but have a look at changeling.

    Ooooops it’s gone from the store again

  • How is remapping different from quantizing?

  • You can remap each note individually with my Mozaic script, Microtonal Maker. You do have to remap them note by note, but it has an internal preset system, so you can use your scales across multiple hosts. And if you have an idea for a design that would be better suited to your needs, somebody might be willing to make it in the "Request new Mozaic scripts here" thread.

  • Ah, maybe because of the white keys only I guess? I believe there is a Mozaic script for that.

  • Remapping just remaps the notes to the new scale but keeps them in the place they were.

    Quantizing moves the notes to set places on the timeline, like every bar, or every beat, etc.

  • Not this kind of quantizing. In Rozeta Scaler and others, quantizing refers to moving notes to the nearest note in the scale.

    Anyway, you have the complete Scale compendium, with style 9 for white keys:
    And you have Simple scaler:

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    What about the Scaler-Plugin from Plugin Boutique? Isn't the developer working on IOS version? We need a proper chorder plugin combined with scales for IOS. :D

  • @Poppadocrock said:
    Remapping just remaps the notes to the new scale but keeps them in the place they were.

    Quantizing moves the notes to set places on the timeline, like every bar, or every beat, etc.

    That’s time quantising. You can quantise note too, the difference being remapping will make everything white keys, quantising will make it so whatever key you hit will instead trigger the closest note in the scale, if it’s not already in the scale

  • MidiFlow Scales can do this.
    It has white keys mode, and custom scale.
    Not AU, but works great natively in Audiobus, and works fine as a standalone/IAA in other hosts.

  • McDMcD
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    QUANTIZE when used in the context of scales can mean remapping of the incoming notes to a selected scale type (minor, pentatonic) with several strategies: closest note usually but lot's of creativity here.

    Do you have a solution yet? If not... do you have or are you willing to buy a MIDI Scripting app or MIDI FX app? If you just got this keyboard you're gonna love the Scripts at for Mozaic. There are over 130 at last count. Just download and load like presets. The coolest Mozaic "scale conversion" apps I've tried seen are:


  • Another one that for some reason never made it up to is Dynamic Scale Quantizer. Rather than having set scales, you tell this one to listen to incoming notes, which it keeps track of, then you switch quantizing on and it will limit the notes coming through to the memorized notes. At least that's how I think I remember it working ... it was quite some time ago.

  • Since it's about playing and recording, I would just use ChordPolyPad in slide-over mode with your DAW of choice.
    Doesn't have to be AUv3.

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