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OT: spare some positive thoughts for Mark Watt (Spacecraft)

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Our friend Mark (of Delta-V/Spacecraft) is in hospital with Covid19.

Let's all wish him well!




  • Hope you pull through

  • Hang in there Mark!

  • Horrible to hear. Mark’s a great guy and obviously Spacecraft is an all-timer.

    No feature requests for a while, please, folks!

  • Dangit. Get well soon.

  • Sorry to hear that, be well

  • Get well soon Mark

  • Get well soon Mark, stay safe everyone.

  • Best wishes man!!
    Take care!
    Life is so beautiful!

  • What a shame, he's been totally supportive in emails, and Spacecraft is right up there in my top 3 apps.

    Get well soon Mark.

  • Get well soon!

    Hearing about these cases is important. So many young think covid19 is only serious for 80+ ages. Sweden seem to base their policy on this ...

  • Oh goodness!!! Mark get well soon!!!
    Take care man!!!

  • Dam, that’s bad news. All the best mate.

  • Take care Mark!!

  • Have a speedy recovery

  • Best wishes Mark. A lot of people love you and what you are doing.

  • Keep strong Mark. Wishing you strength and a speedy recovery. 🤞🙏

  • take care old chap.

  • Get well soon Mark. Stay strong.

  • edited March 20

    Hope Mark gets well soon, what a horrible experience.

  • My hope is strong, even in the darkest times to come, may love be with you.

  • Stay strong, Mark.

  • Best wishes to Mark!

  • Oh my goodness.

    Wishing you a good recovery.

    Sending healing vibes.

  • oh man this hits me hard as ive had many conversations with Mark and got to know him over the last year.

    mark im glad that you were able to get help from the ambulance and oxygen in time and hoping for a good solid recovery for you. when you get a moment please keep us updated!

    i was just playing with spacecraft last night and thinking about shooting a text just saying what up..., crazy. praying for the best Mark!

  • Praying for Mark along with everyone else. Stay safe everyone :)

  • That hurts to hear, Mark. You best get better. I hope you’re well enough to hear and feel the love.

  • Take care, Mark! Wishing the best.

  • Get well Mark, thoughts are with you

  • _ki_ki
    edited March 20

    Best wishes, stay strong Mark

  • Thinking of you, Mark! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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