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Record multiple channels of MIDI from AUM to BM3.. at the same time! Possible?

I’ve been searching for an answer and trying to solve this for a while now.

I can route MIDI from AUM to BM3 ...

  • It ignores any channel filtering set up in AUM
  • Ignores any channel setttings in BM3 midi setup at Bank or Pad level
  • Midi is routed to selected pad even with BM3 Settings Route all midi to selected pad turned off
  • Sends all MIDI from AUM to

I would like someone to prove me wrong, but at this point I don’t think its possible.


  • AUM's channel filtering is only for the plugin's input, not its output. That means it won't filter the outgoing MIDI that's being sent to BM3.

    If the plugin doesn't have the option to set the outgoing MIDI channel, use the MIDI Clone and Filter plugin from Midi Tools.

    The sequencers in Rozeta have the option to set the MIDI channel, so no need for Midi Tools.

    In BM3, in the Bank MIDI Setup, chose ALL for the port, and for the channel, select the one you chose earlier.

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