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Have Turnado. Should I get WOW as well?

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Hey kids - What's your two cents?
I own both Turnado and Effectrix and love them.
I know Sugar Bytes makes WOW2 Filter app as well.
Is there anything that WOW2 does that Turnado does not? If I buy WOW2 would I ever use it if Turnado does so many similiar things but so much more?


  • WOW is the most in-depth filter I've ever used, but like all Sugar Bytes stuff, a little goes a very long way. Most of the presets will mangle a signal beyond the point of being decipherable.

    It's probably the Sugar Bytes app I use the least, but that's because I normally don't expect filters to do stuff as complex as what's on offer there. I'm sure it's way more in-depth a filter than what Turnado or Effectrix offers (never done a specific comparison like that). With that said, I do like it, and the randomizer is neat.

  • +1 on that.

    I wondered why I should pay that much for a filter (and I have a sherman filterbank downstairs!) but I am VERY happy I bought it. It is very in depth... and can do a miriad of things from subtle to decimation. Turnado can do some similar things - but WOW takes it to a whole new level really.

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    Turnado and Effectrix are completely different effect units from wow. WOW2 is a dedicated filter unit, a very very comprehensive and deep filter unit. Lots of different type of filters, that can be driven by built in sequencer, LFOs, the audio signal and so on. And a really good saturation/distortion unit to give it warmth or just crunch it. The filters you'll find in Turnado and Effectrix are your basic low pass stuff, liter on the CPU since they need to run alongside 7-8 other effects at the same time.

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