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element 0 - my last album : a space opera

edited March 2014 in Creations

I just finished a new album, that I did for the rpm challenge (do a whole album in only one month)

I wanted to enjoy myself and get to use all my last toys and apps, so I didn't fix myself any limits on what to use.
It was recorded using cubase on windows (more space and easier than on the iPad) but I used lots of different sources of audio.
My Korg volca's got used a lot, so did animoog, tc-11, geo synth, gestrument, iSem, iMini... And audiobus (working with effects live with the synths makes it easier to get what you want)

Anyway I had great fun doing it, I hope someone enjoys listening to it


  • Wow very cool. This was was a fun listen. Quite an ambitious production considering the one month challenge. You used some great apps in the recording, just too bad it wasn't on Cubasis for iPad. However this makes me realize that a project like this is doable on the iPad, especially with the many recent app upgrades and upcoming app enhancements (automation in Cubasis for example).

    Thank you for sharing your work.

  • Thanks for listening

    You right, the only thing putting me off doing big projects on the iPad is the silly disk space. As most projects and workflows need track bouncing, it can climb really fast !

    With all the great apps around, I rarely have more than 1Gb of free room (without having sampletank, bm2 and quite a few other big apps installed).

    My next buy will have to be the 128Gb version (I "only" have a 32Gb iPad4)

    Until then, I'll still be using the computer for comfort and nearly unlimited space (and I do like working in 96/24 too)

  • Loved the richness of sounds and timbres, great music!

  • Beautiful work @mtyas. Some similarities to early Peter Gabriel era Genesis in spots. Care to share what you used for the vocal effect on the chorus for Teach Us Learning?

  • For the vocals, as it is an opera, and that I'm quite a lonely, I have one human being (my voice clean) and 4 robots.
    2 are text to speech with note warping in cubase (a female and male English voice)
    One voice is my voice with a vocoder
    The last voice is mine with bit reduction and autotune kind of processing
    So on "teach us learning" it's all 4 voices together

    The whole story is about singularity, so I needed robotic voices as much as possible. I think in the end it's just one robot with multiple personalities

  • Nice work, I like the overall continuity between songs. I liked the "pain jam" in particular. I kept expecting a painful electric guitar lead to sneak in, but I see you had that covered with a nice synth sound. "Teach us learning", great title, great concept, cool vocals on the verse.

  • @WMWM thanks for listening
    I kept on hearing big guitars all through the production, but really wanted to stay the most synthy possible. On painjam, the synth solo of the end is done with geosynth :)
    Thanks for the comments and glad you enjoyed some of it.

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