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Easily scroll through presets with your midi controller?

I saw there was a post about this from 2018 which mentioned that it is pretty complicated to set up. Many apps have fiddly small buttons for selecting presets, and some don’t even have any quick way to scroll through presets with an arrow selector etc. I would really like to use a midi controller to quickly scroll from one preset to another when using apps in AUM etc. Even better, I would love it if I could use my ipad external keyboard to do this, using the arrow keys. Is this currently possible? I have Sonic Logic and Lemur, can these be used? As I say, the ideal would be to use the ipad external keyboard, but any of these options would save a lot of time and make playing, especially on a new app, much more fun than constantly having to touch the screen or fiddle with a list type menu. Hope someone can help, thanks a lot.


  • wimwim
    edited February 29

    Sorry, but it is complicated and it is inconsistent between apps.

    • Some apps support scrolling through one bank of of 128 presets using MIDI Program Change, if your controller supports it. However, lots of apps have more than 128 presets. A very few let you use bank select + program change if your controller supports it. Others make you select which presets you want to be able to scroll through by putting them in a certain folder or marking them as favorites ... others have other messages ... many don’t support Program Change at all.
    • AUM lets you map midi messages to select presets. The problem is not all apps expose their presets to hosts properly. In that case you have to save the presets in AUM’s internal preset system to be able to browse them. And, either way you’re limited to 128 presets.
    • No app that I know of has support for browsing presets with an external typing keyboard. There may be some way to cobble this together after a fashion with an app like sidecar that can translate typing keyboard into midi commands. But that will be very limited and trouble to set up.
    • I think I saw a thread somewhere here where someone described possible ways to control functions with typing keyboard or voice, but it seemed way too complicated to bother with for me ... and I’m a geek.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. There just isn’t any simple or comprehensive answer that isn’t going to be a lot more work than just tapping your screen for general use. Once you identify presets you want to sub-set as ones to step through with AUM’s midi learn function (second bullet point above) you could use that, but that would be more for performing scenarios than as a general solution for what you’re looking for.

  • Pity! Thanks so much for the detailed reply Wim, very nice of you :)

  • No problem. I only wish it wasn’t such a disappointing answer.

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