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Recording HARDWARE into APPS

What apps do you use when recording hardware into an iOS device?

I am a little discontent lately as I try to nail the gain staging and levels recording my hardware in iOS in comparison to the last headphone signal I hear before it enters the interface iPAD...

Wondering if any DAWs or apps do a better job in your opinion than others?

I have my own thoughts but really interested in yours?


  • I use Cubasis 2...even though I have ver 3. Version 2 has an “output latency” slider in the midi config tab which makes for a lot tighter sync with external midi gear. Cubasis 3 doesn’t have this...or at least I can’t find it! I suppose I could use Audiobus 3 into Cubasis 3 and use the midi offset sliders in it to get a tight sync. But, I haven’t tried it yet. I record in with the iconneaudi4+ which is also my midi interface. Auria Pro woks well enough’s just a bit more cumbersome in my pinion.

  • I use BM3, Quantiloop Pro, L7 and Auria Pro for tracking.

    I check the signal going in to my external interface and sample
    rate converter which doubles as an ADC using the ,'levels', app
    making sure that if the signal were to peak it would momentarily.

    If you have AUM and the free oscillator synth by the same developer then
    you can run a 1k signal into your inputs to assist you with gain staging.
    AUM's inbuilt metering is sufficient enough for the task.

    Auria Pro also has latency compensation and gives
    instructions for finding the approximate value in the manual.

  • Aren't there any old school types that can help explain:

    Studio Pre-Amps
    Studio Compressor/Limiter Hardware (when do you "e" vs when do you "o")
    The science of a proper Gain Structure into an A-to-D
    Why a great A-to-D is worth every penny even if it's 100,000 pennies

    @richardyot knows this real hardware stuff. He gave me a clue on the Joyo Amp Sim's
    with just one sentence. So, cool for a $40 pedal box to shape a tone fast. I've got 2 and want
    one more.

    I'm learning to covet the Universal Audio stuff with downloadable DSP's to do better
    recording of the "analogue" world.

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