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Anyone know of a utility which can generate very sparse random triggers? - solved!

I’m looking to toggle an AUM file player on and off via the MIDI exposed ‘enable’ button, at lengthily spaced random intervals, and can’t think of a way to do it without introducing some discernible periodicity (eg a long piano roll loop with a single note on it). Anyone got any better ideas?


  • maybe dotmelody? it has different time signatures and a lot of random i’m not sure how long it can sustain a note tho

  • Sounds like a job for mozaic? Loads of random generators that you could allow right down, it's definitely keeping me happy/busy 😁

  • Hi @Krupa, (what a great drummer he was) and @reasOne, thanks for those suggestions, both of which sound worth trying, but I realised after some more thinking I had another solution in front of me all the time. Shared here in case anyone finds it helpful.

    I looked at an Atom loop which was running another channel in the piece, picked out a C3, midi note 48 (didn’t really matter which note it was, only that there weren’t too many of them in the loop) set that MIDI note number as the ‘trigger’ for the enable button in the bottom dialog of the AUM channel, then put a MIDIfltr instance in between Atom and the AUM button, using the Note probability sliders screen, screened out everything which wasn’t a C3, and set that one and only that one to a very low probability of triggering (7% currently). Result: a pretty random triggering of the effect sound from the file player. Excellent! (And weird, since I’ve just been talking up how good MIDIfltr is in another thread - should have taken my own advice sooner!)

  • Nice solution @Svetlovska and ta for the Krupa reference, when I was a kid, I learned that I could identify a decent teacher if they picked up on that rather than the usual mispronunciations that Brits are so good at 😁

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