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Synth apps with wealthy AU parameters

I'm trying to create song structures by launching AUv3 synths to BM3 and changing the tone with automation.

iOS synths seem to be full of developers' original ideas, I'm trying with some synths in hopes of novel effects. These are the next synths, for example.

Shape synth
Addictive Pro

All of the above synths have different charms. But maybe what I need now is a little different direction.
I like String’s parameter that controls tension of the strings and unusual noise inherent in physical modeling synths. I'm looking for such a slightly unusual AU parameter.

However, I have not found a synth with such an AU parameter at present. My favorite functions such as handwritten waveform editing are not usually AU parameters. So for now I end up using orthodox filters, FM, bit crushers, volume envelopes, etc.

Of course, the parameters of the synths are really powerful depending on the combination, It is clear that my study is still lacking. Also, I might be better off using the AU effects.

But for now, if possible, I would like to automate the tone of phrase with the synth's AU parameter. And I guess there are some synths for this purpose that are not so difficult to use for beginners like me.

Could anyone tell me if you have any recommended synth apps?

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