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Short Film Poem

edited 1:27AM in Creations

Hi all,

I've been putting this piece together over the early part of this year - the graphic layer assets were originally made as a music video for a band who fell out of love with the whole thing just before we finished. Being sometime who hates waste (I'd sunk hundreds of hours into the production at that point) I made a plan to convert it into a short film and after some thought asked a poet friend of he thought there was an existing piece that might suit the visuals. He came up with a few, but after I left him with a Vimeo link, he spontaneously came up with one of his own, which I then (inexpertly it must be said) recorded him reciting. I've now edited it to correct mistakes and insert gaps / space as well as really changed the nature of his voice so that I'm really happy with the overall feel but I think I might need to do more work on the voice in terms of quality and audibility - I was thinking that the 4pockets vocal suite of de-essing and exciter might help but I'm kinda in the dark with that sort of thing so I'm wondering if anyone here has any recommendations?

The piece is still in the edit stage so as such is a bit rough round the edges and badly in need of a 'grade' - the colour equivalent of mastering so view in a dark space / with a bright screen for best impressions...

Sounds made with guitar and Burn's Spectrum gear. Edited in Auria Pro with Crystalline FX and a bit of Jamm Pro for fun at the end...

Thanks for looking if you do,



  • I think simply lowering the ratio of effects to normal voice would go a long way without messing with more plugins. Or try compression on the uneffected voice so it will be more intelligible when mixed with the effects.

  • Thanks @dougdi - probably a sage piece of advice and one that won't cost me any more pennies 😁

    Thanks for looking


  • My pleasure, it looks and sounds very cool!

  • Cheers, I’m trying to get it done while I’ve no client work to distract me, the start of this year has been a rare opportunity 😁

  • I've declared the film done, the link in the first post is updated, enjoy if you can - dark room, good sound recommended - I've had two people I wouldn't expect to be bothered say they were scared, it's not horror but it is moody...



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