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O Spirit Rise / Return to iOS /Second mix using Bark Filter

edited February 9 in Creations

My last creative post was about six months ago. Now, a continent later, I return with an improvised offering of thanks to all my friends here and gratitude for kindnesses shown. Below is the second version using Virsyn’s Bark Filter as per @McD’s recommendation.


  • Wonderful!

    Congrats to giving your creativity a new home :smiley:

  • Enjoyed. Often expected Joni Mitchell to start singing....

  • @JohnnyGoodyear said:
    Enjoyed. Often expected Joni Mitchell to start singing....

    She must not be far away 👍🏼

  • What apps are involved? I’m expecting your beloved Ravenscroft 275 Piano and may a Pure Synth or BeatHawk choir.

  • Thanks @rs2000, @JohnnyGoodyear. Yeah, I thought it could use lyrics and a voice. Singing has really been a problem for me since my last hurrah.... my Bar Mitzvah.

    @McD, yes, Ravenscroft, Pure Synth Boys Choir, Galileo 2 and Future Drummer. I had a bunch of Swarplug instruments as well, but removed them cause I am adopting a less is more attitude this time round. Still disappointed in my production chops. Seems I should be able to get a better sound...
    Sounds fine on my Apple earbuds, but thru 5” JBL monitors... not so much. I used FAC Maxima and Kleverb. Not sure where I am falling short... but I am.

  • You night try the Bark Filter app for sonic improvements in a mastered product. Documented here and could be researched and included if “search’ is not your thing. It has a reputation for improving tracks with a specific setting of it’s GUI. Just keep it on your master FX bus.

  • Gonna give this a try @McD. Saw Doug’s review and @jolico’s discovery thread. Worth a sawbuck to find out if it is compression nirvana for me.

  • @LinearLineman also check out TB Morphit for correcting the buds...

  • Sounds great!

  • @mjcouche, interesting, except I like the sound for the Apple buds... would be happy if the same sound came over my jbl 305s!

    Thank you @hogyard... I know I haven’t seen you before... 100% name recognition!

  • If you have some patience, learning how to creat an EQ curve with Parametric EQ is perfect for creating a sonic profile for speakers, cans and individual tracks. It’s like painting with sound. The Morphit app has profiles for a list of common headphone to insure they reproduce a flat response. No painting but a lot of presets. They are intended to be used as a starting point before mastering a track.

  • Bark Filter is just magical to set up an attractive mix. Very close to magic. It does more for filtering as well.

  • edited February 9

    @McD @rs2000 @mjcouche, please give opinion to this version using Bark Filter...

  • @LinearLineman said:
    @McD @rs2000 @mjcouche, please give opinion to this version using Bark Filter...

    Please use the first version posted. This one sounds boxy in the beginning and the drums are literally drowning in mud. No mud sharks here.

  • edited February 9

    @LinearLineman I recommend Morphit because that is theoretically a way to get a good mix on headphones, which would then translate well to other sound sources, like the JBL’s. Morphit “corrects” different types of headphones by tweaking the EQ profile for that headphones set, getting you closer to a flat response. That way you can mix according to the flat response instead of what Apple wants you to hear through the buds. It is a plug-in to be used while mixing, but removed before mix down.

    I need some time to do some A/B but I trust @rs2000

  • @linearlineman I'm sure you hear a difference. It's like the use of salt or MSG... what taste do you prefer?

    After listening using Apple AirPods I prefers adding the Bark Filter tool. I usually do. I'm not alone. You can do the same kind of mastering with a Multi-Band Compressor (Fab Filter's secret weapon, IMHO).

    I know @rs2000 has a flat monitoring studio set-up and he's asked me before to (re)listen to a mix using better speakers. I do have some Yamaha Monitors that cost me a lot and I might get them out of storage and do that someday (right after I finish our collaboration piece and make something with all my DAW's and get my root canal.

    There's a pronounced difference and you are right to trust someone that has done a lot of mixing. The changes Bark Filter makes will sound like too much flavor altering spice and will just be essential for a spice addict.

    Do you serve natural or "flavor enhanced" music? If I could only add spice on my fucking iP*'s. Then I could flavor to taste for these fast food (i.e. SoundCloud) dishes.

  • Can I route iCloud into AUM without a cable?

  • edited February 9

    Drums are muddy in the second one. Agree with @rs2000 to keep the first one. Though Bark Filter does seem to brighten up the other of my favorites you have done!

  • edited February 10

    Thanks, @rs2000. I have eliminated Bark from the drums. @mjcouche, agreed. Still like what it does for the piano and organ. And thanks for liking it!

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