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Borderlands 2.1 Update Out !

Oh yes, super exciting !

List of new features:
-Tempo synced grains with Ableton Link

-Semitone pitch tuning option per cloud

-New waterfall-style streaming input mode

-Overdub level control for real time inputs

-ADSR mode with automatable trigger pad for each grain cloud Automate sound position, size, and rotation

-New ring modulation, vibrato amount, and probability controls per grain cloud

-Proper scaling on new, larger iPads and iPads with different aspect ratios

-Scene contributions from Cristian Vogel, Electric Indigo, King Britt, Mikronesia, and Tom Hall.

See video



  • Goood god, will dig into this after work for sure

  • Fantastic

  • Ssssssswwsssswwwwwwsweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeteeeeetttt!!!t!t!!!!!!

  • Top app now even better !!?!??!?

  • Probably a lot of new forum members have never really heard about this app as it hasn’t been updated for a long time but it was, and still is, something really BIG and for sure one of the most interesting music tool you can have on iOS. Of course I would have really appreciated to have a AU version. Maybe one day. The app is still 100% a good choice for anyone.

  • 😻😻😻💦💦💦

  • Up there with Samplr on my most wanted update list, very good to see it's still being developed.

  • already tried it ! superb update

  • I bought this when it first came out in 2014? I have never really incorporated it in my workflow recently but will check it out for sure again.

  • Incredible news! This is what had lured me fully into iPadOS audio production. Can’t wait to dive right into it.

  • Haven't touched Borderlands for a while, but now its possible to make rhythmic patterns and scales (semitones)

  • Magnificent update! The new tempo and pitch semitone grains will make this app accessible to a wider audience, I would imagine.

  • Fantastic!!!!!

  • Praise the Lord! Zippa Rippa!

  • Borderlands Granular Upgrade | 2020 Starts Strong | haQ attaQ

  • I can’t believe my old eyes. This is just epic.

  • What a timing

  • oh wow the old basterd raises from him sleep with some fresh energy.
    i haven’t been home yet... auv3???

  • This and Samplr are why I bought an iPad. Hell yeah.

  • Whoot! Good morning! :)

  • Trying to figure out the behaviour of sync. So a grain plays on the grid, OK, but not at every division I'm finding. I've set sync to 1/4 beat (for example), expecting a grain every quarter beat, but it plays a few beats misses some beats. Got its own groove going on there. Prob is definitely set to 1.

  • Had another look at Jakobs video and that's not what you see there, anyone else see this?

  • SpartanClownTide:
    did you set the xy rectangle ?!

  • @reasOne said:
    oh wow the old basterd raises from him sleep with some fresh energy.
    i haven’t been home yet... auv3???

    No AUv3 in this update. Watch Jakob's video, which includes some interview snippets with the developer. Although this update doesn't include AUv3, there's a possibility for it in the future.

  • @waka_x said:
    did you set the xy rectangle ?!

    OK solved it, yep I tried everything including xy setting, in the end deleting the app and reinstalling did the job.

  • Hmmm... launches and switches in AB and Cubasis 2. Instant crash every time when switching from AUM regardless of which app was launched first, won't launch/switch from BM3. :(
    This is why IAA is a no go for me.
    So wanted to use this one in AUM, maybe next time :)

  • Some of the new features showcased by an ambient improv with audio in was quite nice:

  • @bleep said:
    Some of the new features showcased by an ambient improv with audio in was quite nice:

    That is really lovely. Melts the black void where other people have their heart.

  • Really loving the update.

    PS. Could be cool to have grid snapping so that the playback snaps to the closest grid line.

  • Very nice update but...

    Seems to me panning is backward

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