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What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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Daveypoo's Top 10 Apps for 2019 - Daveypoo, The Mobile Music Minstrel

It's a bit late, but here it be!


  • That’s the way to do it... in January!

  • Thanks for the extensive mention of Mozaic! Much appreciated!

  • @brambos said:
    Thanks for the extensive mention of Mozaic! Much appreciated!

    Every word spoken is absolutely true - your apps are wonderful, and Mozaic is so forward-thinking. I can't wait to check out Mononoke!

  • @Daveypoo 👍 Excellent choices for Top 10 and Special Mentions.. thanks for reminding me to explore Polythemus.. I know there’s untapped potential within it. Your video using 4pockets Vocal Soloist was very innarestin’ and ear opening.. Absolutely love Mozaic + miRack.. so (too?) much to explore there and as you said, updated with new toys almost weekly.. C-r-a-z-y-!
    As far as your video stylins’.. with the tag line of Mobile Music Minstrel.. I pretty much expect you to be improvising with your location(s) anyway.. extra noises + all.. I think they add to the vibe and real-ness of what you do.. honestly, I’ll take that over shiny glitzy studios any day. It feels more like chatting over a (insert fav beverage of choice here, depending on time of day).. hey, we’ll be watchin’ no matter what.. it’s the content + delivery that keep us tuning in.. just continue being you.. 😎

  • @royer Thanks for the feedback and kind words - I really appreciate it. I'm pretty self conscious of my lack of video production skills and always hope the content and the delivery/shtick make any bumps along the way worth the minor inconvenience.

    Can't wait to see the goodies in store for 2020!

  • edited January 17

    Insanely good video...Thanks SO much!!!

  • @Telstar5 said:
    Insanely good video...Thanks SO much!!!

    Thanks - you are very welcome. These kind of videos are my favorite to make.

  • McDMcD
    edited January 19

    I kept looking at the bamboo structure behind you and kept tripping on "The Wicker Man".
    I was waiting for someone to step into the frame and set it on fire. That whole pagan ritual
    that inspired "The Burning Man Festival".

    Then I thought they might be a collection Tiki Torches left over from a protest march or
    a local Witch Hunt.

    OK. Enough for "Best Set Design". Let's discuss the cinematography. One of your best.

    Acting: You sound like most podcasters: briming with excess enthusiasm. A bit loud for my tastes. I prefer the understated narrative of anyone doing intros for Master Piece Theater.
    Alistaire Cooke for example if your over 50.

    Script: Was there one? You can sling it with the greats. Just one word: Breathe.

    Graphic Design: That font kills me but for some reason it has become your brand. Probably too late to change that.

    Hair and Make Up: Your best lighting has produced your best look yet.

    Lighting: See Hair and Make Up.

    But seriously folks: Cool Beans.

    It's nice to hear anyone recommend Mozaic as an all-purpose MIDI Effect. It's not just for programmers. There are so many amazing scripts that are works high value. If more users
    buy the damn thing Bram might add "Go To Statements" (That's a nerd joke) You can easily code "Go to Hell" in Mozaic as it is. Many of my efforts create pure sonic hell. I've clocked on at 5,000 MIDI events per second. No Synth can keep up. Imagine 1,000 cats on a piano or
    up to 1,000 pianos in 3 dimensional space. Nothing like Mozaic for insane aural creating.

    NOTE: I haven't published my "Cats on the Piano" script because I think it might have commercial potential and I'm approaching @Brambos on a revenue sharing arrangement
    to upload it to iTunes in a faux GUI package. It can do serious damage to someone using headphones and @Brambos probably won't have enough insurance.

    Your check for the last thread's "Keep me in the First Page" service bounced... like a rubber ball. So add that fee into this months check.

    FUNNY STORY: My wife walked in as I was watching the video. I asked her, "Do you recognize this guy?" She said "Yes. I think you freaked him out the last time he saw you." I do that in real life. And online.

  • Thanks for the shout out!

  • @McD to your points:

    Acting - The enthusiasm and volume is to ensure that my audience of elders can hear me. My primary demographic is white men ages 40-60, after all.

    Script - What script? I'm 100% pure emotion and improvisation, sir. I breathe during all the edits - no, seriously...

    Graphic Design - It got your attention enough to point it out, right? Mission accomplished.

    Hair/Makeup/Lightning - You have the sun to thank for that. Well, that and the fact that I'm so damn pretty...

    Don't think I was freaked out - I'm that confused and disoriented all the time!

    @johnfromberkeley Just trying to pull you out of your cave once and a while!

  • McDMcD
    edited January 19

    @Daveypoo said:
    @McD to your points:
    @johnfromberkeley Just trying to pull you out of your cave once and a whil

    Hibernating. Wake the bear.

    2nd check bounced. You want a small loan at 30% compounded a whole bunch.
    I can send Chewy around with some cash. Nice guy. That's a nice little bass you got there.

  • McDMcD
    edited January 20

    Check cleared. Page to page 1.

    NOTE: Gaming the ABF "clicks" is against forum policy. So, this is just a joke gone out of control.

    If you haven't watched this video, I don't even want to know who you really are.
    Davey Poo, PhD (Doctorate in Bull Excrement) is one of the best IOS Videographers.
    In this one he goes outside. Not to be missed.

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