Original Work using Animoog, iElectribe, DM1, iKaossilator, TweakyBeat, etc...

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iPolysix, Korg MS2000, Loopy hd, DrumJam... I think that might be it. oh and Novation X-station and Logic's ES2.

Let me know what you think!


  • Well that's disheartening. I didn't think it sucked THAT bad

  • @uglykidmoe Hey I like it. Nice blend of textures. Although the laugh was kind of a surprise.

  • We're not all in the same timezone.

    I liked the sounds and mix. My one criticism is that the middle part doesn't blend well with the rest of it. It seems shoehorned into the center for the sake of change. Overall well done.

  • @uglykidmoe - gotta work, so nighttime is when I can get a chance to take a look at anything usually. Nice job....better than I could do. The laugh caught me off guard too. Very interesting to see what can be done with the variety of AB apps out there...I counted 62 on the bus today. We should break 100 in no time, at this rate! Just curious if anyone is thinking of any collaboration with all these tools at our disposal?

  • Hmmm, a live Audiobus stream over the Internet? Might be feasible in one direction, as long as sufficient buffering takes place at the other end to make sure the audio is uninterrupted, as a time lag would not really matter. Who's going to write the apps to perform the hookup then? :)

  • @PaulB - lol...not quite what I had in mind. I was thinking of a much smaller scale. Something like drummers and bassists lay done tracks to their favorite DAW and push an audio file out to the rest to lay down the keys, guitars, vocals, and oboes ;-) I'd love to see how MIDI clock would be handled in your version though!

  • Badly... Why break with tradition? Lol

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    ha. thanks guys. the laugh is actually just for that effect. Instead of lacing a track with samples saying my name or website or something to that effect, I just stripped out the rest of the build up and through in a laugh track. The ending actually extends into another song as well.

    That way you get a preview of the track without being given the whole thing, and when my new release is ready to go, there will be something new and surprising which will improve the song overall.

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