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BitWig and Micro-Pitch fx in 3.1 and VSTs???

I know there are a few BitWig users here, so I thought I'd ask here as well as on the KVR Forum.

For the life of me I can't seem to get the new Micro-Pitch noteFX to work with any of my VST Plug-Ins. I tried using it alongside Factory, Aparillo and Pigments and no luck. The Micro-Pitch doesn't affect it at all?

The Micro-Pitch fx works as expected on Phase-4, The Grid and all the internal BitWig instruments.

Has anyone gotten it to work with their VST Plug-Ins, and if so, what step am I missing to get it to work. FWIW, I even placed the VST's in and Instrument Layer, but this had no affect either.

I pinged BitWig on Twitter with the issue as well.

Many thanks!
-echo opera


  • Hi, the vst need full MPE support for it to work. I tried with bazille but it didn't work, so I'm sticking to the built in instruments which are great anyway. specially the sampler and phase4.

  • Ahhh...I didn't realize this was exclusive to MPE enabled devices. Thanks for the info.

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