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Playbeat tip - simple way to record its audio in a DAW

edited January 8 in App Tips and Tricks

I just bought Playbeat and I was wondering how to record its audio directly in an iOS DAW. The manual explained how to do it on various computer DAWs but nothing for iOS. After a few tries, I found this simple way:

  • First create an intrument Midi track with Playbeat loaded.
  • Then create an empty MIDI part of the number of bars you need.
  • And freeze the track, the pattern will be generated and converted to an audio file even if there are no notes in the empty part.

This will also work in Infinity mode, the variations will be generated and converted to audio too!

Here it is demonstrated in Cubasis 2 but it also works in Audio Evolution Mobile Studio.

The 2 drum samples are from the Playbeat factory content and the voice sample and the sfx one are from my Memory Collection 09.


  • @zvon Well done for sussing it out and thanks - just got me out of a frustrating 20 minutes!

  • @ajmiller said:
    @zvon Well done for sussing it out and thanks - just got me out of a frustrating 20 minutes!

    Glad that it helped you and saved you some time!

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