*UPDATED 5/14* - Sliver - from Alex Matheu (GlitchBreaks dev)



  • Cool! I'm in! I can see the potential of this now! It's like having Alchemy, except you can also create your own soundscapes with it! REALLY COOL!!!

  • Another question: How is it with CPU/RAM with an iPad2? In other words, how hungry is it? Will I struggle using it with my iPad2 using Cubasis, Audiobus, and Sliver?

  • Giggidy giggidy hurry up Apple! What's the price on this one?

  • @ChrisG a very reasonable $3.99

  • This was submitted on the 19th and DrumPerfect on the 15th.

  • @Trueyorky said:

    @ChrisG a very reasonable $3.99

    Cool, very reasonable price!

  • @ChrisG said:

    @Trueyorky said:

    @ChrisG a very reasonable $3.99

    Cool, very reasonable price!

    Note that as mentioned in the first post, $3.99 US is the limited time introductory pricing.

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    A quick little tune to demonstrate one way that Sliver content can easily be implemented in a music project. The melodic part is played in Orphion, but everything else you hear is coming from one single Sliver preset.

  • Very nice! That track may just have persuaded me to get this app :)

  • The Sliver website is up with full Description, Feature List, and User Manual, etc.


  • there is also cool presets from some good sound design from here :-)

  • Really excited to hook a midi controller up to this. It will be awesome for background textures for my live set!

  • And here is a new video showing some presets :)

  • Can we suck in sounds directly from the mic ?....or headphone/line in ?
    Or do we need another app to do that and then copy paste from there ?

    I was thinking that would be cool to sample on the fly from the mic or line and then load a preset to start it the fastest

  • Yes you can record via the mic, resample the apps audio, or both at once.

  • @distraub said:

    Yes you can record via the mic, resample the apps audio, or both at once.


  • For those who would like a deeper look...
    Here is an extended 16 min preview, taking a trip through many of the sounds and presets included in Sliver v1.0. No post processing effects, only crossfades for a smooth listening experience. Enjoy the trip.

  • Wow, was expecting this days ago.. Wonder if apple didn't accept the first submission. Maybe cause of the name? hmmm... Look for it every day!

  • On the iPad Musician Facebook group, Alex Matheu (the developer) has said that he's resubmitted Sliver after he got tired of waiting for Apple to respond to his explanation about why the app originally failed its review.

    Feb 26: "Still in dispute waiting to hear back, they didn't understand how write automation works and dinged it for recording when they hit stop, sent an explanation but think they will probably make me change it slightly and resubmit."

    Feb 27: " So they still haven't responded but in the meantime I have been fixing small things here and there and am thinking I may just resubmit knowing it will put me at the back of the line again, I am out of pocket all day today bug meetings but will decide this evening either way what I am working in will be the first update then."

    Feb 28: "I got sick of waiting I have made a few improvements so I resubmitted, back of the line for me, put the alterations in review notes so in about a week we will see if it gets approved, ugh depressing in the meantime I will make more videos."

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    Yup, unfortunately the delay is Apple's fault for not understanding the actual functionality... but, on the up side there are a few more nice additions to the app now.

  • Such as?

  • Small tweaks and some MIDI functionality things that make it more playable from external by default, and you can now assign MIDI channel. Some other minor tweaks. Future updates will be bringing some awesome additions too. ;)

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    Hopefully when it comes out it won't be called Sliver 2.0!

    Seriously Apple!

  • I was checking the app store hourly for a while there. It's been hard to wait for this one.

  • Why is this not on iPhone 5 and above :-(

  • Sorry @Nu2moro, Sliver would not be usable on such a small screen.

  • Sorry @Nu2moro, Sliver would not be usable on such a small screen.

  • search with a mini2 and found no sliver in store, if i search for alex matheu apps it will show me glitchbreaks but no sliver!....?

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