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Zvon Winter Sale - 50% off on Memory Collection sample packs - ends Jan 13th!!

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All Memory Collection packs are 50 % off ... and many other sample sets are up to 50% off too!

Visit this page for complete product list and free demos:

Sale is also available on Sampleism.

Demo video of MC 10 in NanoStudio 2:

Note that Memory Collection contain only wav files! The samples are not mapped in any way or in any specific sampler format. They can be used in any app that loads wav files.

Many other MC packs videos on my YouTube channel showing the samples used in various apps (Caustic, Fluxly, Samplebot, Samplewiz, Yellofier and more)

And here's an audio example of the Julie Vocal Bundle in action:


  • Hey everyone - these packs are REALLY COOL. I am using them in a tune I'm working on with another member of this very forum RIGHT NOW.

    Check them out!!!!

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    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your good words and recommendation B)
    I am glad to learn that you are using in an upcoming tune. Looking forward to listen to it!

    Here's a parody ad I made this week on a Holidays theme:

  • In the MC packs videos above, I have used only MC samples to create collages. But of course they can also be used more sparingly in more "regular" contexts. Here are 3 examples:

    Atmosphere is provided by AudioKIt Synth One synthesizer with a rhythmic touch from VirSyn Cube synth.

    "What's All the Drumming About?" Leftfield EDM track by Pulp Stereo

    "6.15 am" ambient track by State Azure from the album Disconnect:

  • The Chromatic Hits set (synthesized chromatic percussions) added to the sale, it is also 50% off!

    Only $ 4.99 USD (wav + sfz formats, 101 sounds) or $7.99 USD (wav + sfz + Kontakt 3 formats, 211 instruments) during the sale. The smaller mobile soundfont is only $1.99, or free with the purchase of one of the 2 larger versions above.

    Demo for the Chromatic Hits larger packs (wav, sfz and Kontakt 3 formats), consisting of 5 different patterns. The 3 first are common to all formats and the last 2 are specific to the Kontakt 3 version. All the sounds are from the set.

    Mobile soundfont used in Gestrument!

  • Thank you.

    Was impressed with the zvon sample packs for Caustic. Will check em out.

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    @FPC said:
    Thank you.

    Was impressed with the zvon sample packs for Caustic. Will check em out.

    Hi FPC,

    Thanks for your nice comment, glad you like the sounds... and Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Memory Collection samples are also great to create strange alien and hypnotic soundscapes by looping them and then changing their playback speed and direction for instance. Fluxly is great (and a lot of fun) at spinning them as shown in this video.

    These soundscapes can be used on their own as I did here or they can be imported in other apps to integrate them in a composition or to further process them or to chop them in smaller pieces (to use them in a sampler for instance)!

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    Last week, sale ends January 13th!

    Out There sample set is only $1.99 USD (50% off), here it is shown in NS2 with Rozeta Rhythm:

  • The Kids Kits are also $1.99 USD (regular price $2.99), one of the 2 demo videos: Space Kids!

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    Prices will be back to normal tomorrow afternoon (in roughly 16 hrs here)!

    I just made this demo video for the Chromatic Hits soundfont (electronic chromatic percussions). It's only $1.99 until then.

    Apps used to create this video demo are...
    DAWs: Audio Evolution Mobile Studio, NanoStudio 2, Cubasis 2
    MIDI genrators: Rozeta Arpeggiator, Audimodern Riffer 2 and Playbeat,
    Drum machines: Elliot Garage EG Pulse, Steinberg Eight
    bs-16i soundfont player

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