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Xequence, Aum and Lpk25 midi keyboard help!

Hi everyone,

I am just a beginner with a iPad Pro 11, xequence, aum, lpk25 external keyboard(usb) and a ton of music apps!

What I’m trying to do is setup my keyboard, xequence and aum so that I can select tracks in xequence and play one using an external keyboard.

Xequence and aum work fine with the touchscreen keyboard. Been happy with this until this point but the keyboard and apps are driving me nuts!

I select midi thru in xequence and can almost use the keyboard with apps mapped in aum.
I can’t get Arturia strings and iOdyssey to work consistently!

Is there a resource someone can point me to or if there is someone on this board that can give. E some general steps to get a setup like this working?

I admit this is a bit vague but any hints or tips will be greatly appreciated.

If I can’t get this working I’ll end up using NS 2 (but it doesn’t support inter app??)

Thanks in advance


  • wimwim
    edited December 2019

    Sorry, I can't help with Arturia strings. If you can describe how you have iOdyssey set up, and what's going wrong, that might help someone to answer better.

    NS2 doesn't support IAA (and never will), but it is Audiobus compatible and it does have the ability to send midi out. So, technically it could be used. But, it sounds like maybe you'd run into the same issues you're having wit midi out from Xequence.

    There may be an answer for you here somewhere, but it'll be necessary to drill into specifics. I say may because, if your issues are caused by iOS shutting down apps with its uncontrollable memory management, you might be out of luck with IAA instruments as far as stability is concerned.

  • What is Arturia strings? Never heard of it.

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