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More droooooone

In a recent thread I read some calls for forum members to share more music they've made within iOS. So in the spirit of that (and, more forthrightly, in pursuit of the dopamine hit we all get from showing off something we've made...), I'd like to direct your attention to my new set of songs.


Sagres- a verse of moments by Scarred Archimedes

Like my previous work, shared here a while back, this falls into the drone/dark ambient realm. Main sound generation credit goes to FieldScaper/SoundScaper, Esoteric Synth, and Self-a-Fuzz, with invaluable sequencing and synthesis work from PolyPhase and Spectrum.

Thanks kindly for listening!


  • Wow... Really enjoying it...

  • Listening now as I work. All on ipad?

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks guys. @kinkujin yes all iPad for synthesis, sequencing, recording, mixing/mastering, with some samples from various sources processed through the aforementioned apps plus others.

  • Nice. I’d love to read more about the setup and process.

  • @MonkeyDrummer said:
    Nice. I’d love to read more about the setup and process.

    Sure. Each of the pieces contain looping material that forms the drone base, along with a sequencer of some type generating the more melodic sections that come through at various times. The first and third pieces are primarily put together in FieldScaper + SoundScaper. The loops contained therein are a mix of samples from nature, and pads that are processed using that ol' Scaper magic. 

    The second piece generates the drone looping material from the Self-a-Fuzz internal oscillator section, along with a sample pad/loop that can be routed through S-a-F during performance/recording, or through other effects for a non-distorted/decimated tone.

    The fourth piece is based on Esoteric Synth and PolyPhase, and it's basically the sound of me trying to tame the beast that is ES. 

    For each piece, the various apps used are loaded into AUM (along with lots of effects and routing options, natch), and I think of this as creating an "instrument" for each song. Then the song is made by pushing play and controlling various parameters in each app, in real time, to reveal structure, melody, etc. All the songs are made in one take, with just EQ and compression added after the fact. 

    I think that's the meat of it - hope it's of interest. 

  • Really enjoyed this!

  • @Scarred_Archimedes

    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

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