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Best Gadget IAP/Korg Synth for bass?

I’m looking to buy something on sale. I’ll leave it open ended for general usefulness on the forum but I’m specific looking for deep/subby synth bass, with some mid bass ability.

(The built in stuff is actually quite good at it so a bit of GAS/AAS but hey)


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    I really love Memphis/iMS20 for deep bass sounds (and for leads too...)

  • Memphis (MS-20), Lexington (ARP) and Pompei (Mono/Poly). I do not own Lisbon, but that might be also a good choice.

  • I used to use Chiangmai for subby sounds since it was about the only Gadget that has a sine wave. But I also love Pompei for really out-there basses.

  • Good lord, look no further than Dublin!

  • Save your GAS for other stuff.
    Whatever I needed in bass, I've almost got it every time from Dublin and Chiangmai as an add-on bass harmonics generator. Nothing else needed IMHO, except you want real sharp curring industrial basses, then a wavetable synth like GR-16 or Electribe Wave is great.

    If I had to satisfy my GAS lust again, I'd go for Stockholm every time. And dive into REX world.

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    Dublin is amazing in fact but Berlin needs a little love too. However If you need a Rage Against The Machine style slap bass, Madrid has you covered.b

  • Madrid.

    Hell, I wish that they would release Madrid as a stand-alone app so that I would never have to deal with Gadget. Needless to say, Gadget and I do not get on like a house afire.

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