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New jumblepop EP: Nuts (70-80% iPad)

Hello all. Some of you may remember my downtempo album from last year, 'Relax, Will Ya?', featuring the same blue alien cat on the cover.

This new assortment is overall more upbeat, but continues in the same style of jumbling together classy synth sounds, spicy original samples, crunchy drums, and unpredictable melodic weirdness. It will occupy 27 minutes of your time.

(You can find it on Spotify, Apple Music etc. too.)

This time I did the mixing, plus one complete track, on desktop (in Reason), but the whole thing is still 70-80% iPad, mostly Korg Gadget (with many instances of Vancouver, as usual), but with a bunch of other apps contributing to sound design here and there, including my beloved Yellofier.

I wonder if you can pick the one non-Gadget track...? I expect it will be easy, but who knows.

Naturally, I will be very grateful for any listening and commenting you decide to do.


  • fun times! I like

  • Insanely fun!

  • @mrcanister said:

    @palms said:
    fun times! I like

    @kinkujin said:
    Insanely fun!

    Thanks, people! Fun is good.

    I'd recommend tracks 1 and 5 to anyone who doesn't have time to listen to the whole thing.

    I also wrote these little song descriptions!

    1. Back with a Sack [114/152 BPM]

    Call this genre 'jumblepop', if you need to.

    This particular melody is a jumble of spicy vocal samples, cheesy horns, crunchy drums, and full-bodied orchestral sounds. It tells the story — well, it MAY tell the story — of a peppy adventurer, bouncing forth into realms of colour and oomph, returning changed, and fondly remembering the whole thing years later as a biodegradable plastic bag whose time has come at long, long last.

    But it's also just the arse-thumping prime nut of my new EP 'Nuts'.

    2. Antechamber [94 BPM]

    A robot sings alone, squeaking a simple waltz to the starlit city as it trundles along the footpath. The vibrations of its metal heart attract more voices, shy, kind, and warm, and before long they arrive at the ball! Debutantes! Chandeliers! The ballroom turns out to be a glittering space capsule! The walls are glass. Doors in the mothership slide open, the capsule glides through a passage, and in an invisible moment, everyone is dancing among the stars.

    Three time signatures and four keys (I think). But you probably didn't even notice.

    3. Goodbye, Builder [110 BPM]

    We are saying goodbye to the builder because, brick by brick, he is building a staircase, and, step by step, ascending it as he builds. He draws each brick from a bottomless sack, building forever, climbing infinitely into the wide and wondrous cosmos.

    4. We Just Want to Help [91 BPM]

    They are not very helpful, but they are doing their best.

    5. Fire Extinguisher [114 BPM]

    A screaming, jumping, upbeat dance track, punctuated by bouncing vowels and cartoon sound effects. Full of fun, grunts and weirdness, like the Prodigy from a sillier universe.

    6. 1-900-MELODYZONE [46/92 BPM]

    Oh, you want the funky grooves? Two bucks a minute, tiger! Yeah, and we're not gonna serve it up straight away. You've gotta stick around if you want the good stuff. Just be careful not to stick around too long. Even we don't know how deep it goes. We've lost some good men in there. Listen: if you start to feel even a little bit enlightened, tug the rope three times, and we will pull you back. Good luck, soldier. Good luck.

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