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Sample based Drum Machine with AUv3 support

Hi to all! I am looking for a AUv3 drum machine that is working with wav samples. AU support and import functionality are important for me. I want to use the drum machine with rozeta XOX plugin in AUM. Any recommendations?

Thx & regards


  • DigiStix, EG Pulse

  • EG Pulse or Digistix are your main options if it has to be AUv3. They both have different pros/cons compared to each other (only Digistix support multi-velocity samples for example). Otherwise there are also other options, such as Beathawk, or using BS-16i with a good soundfont.

    The king of the sample based drum apps, DrumPerfect Pro, is not in itself an AUv3, though it has a "player" where you can play your ready-made tunes in an AUv3.

  • There’s Vatanator as well.

  • +1 for EG Pulse

  • @Philandering_Bastard said:
    DigiStix, EG Pulse

    BeatHawk also is AUv3 and imports samples

  • @espiegel123 said:

    @Philandering_Bastard said:
    DigiStix, EG Pulse

    BeatHawk also is AUv3 and imports samples

    Indeed. For some reason, I never think of BH as an instrument but rather its own environment.

  • Oh, and I forgot Playbeat.

  • @Lycaan said:

    since you mention sample import i'm assuming a drum sampler/sampler is ok with you.

    elsa sampler;

    quick, easy, auv3, sample import, can record samples, one shot, loop, ping pong, sample divider, reverb, filter, unique implementation of bit reduction/sample rate reduction (three methods), ADSR control over sample, sample start offset (for reducing click, or subtle timing offset0, arpeggiator.

    i use it with rozeta all the time. also use with cykle, quantum, stepbud, midiSTEPs, etc.

    if you want a deeper, AudioLayer.

    though not auv3, stroke machine is a great drum synthesiser with sample import.

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