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Kai Aras FD-1 Performance Issues

I’m running into a performance issue with Kai Aras FD-1 filter delay.

When I load it I AUM, every few seconds I am getting large CPU Spikes of 90% or more, often exceeding 100% and causing dropouts.

My set only has 1 track, with SB Factory and FD-1 in an effect slot, on an iPad Pro 2017. The AUM transport is running. And I am playing a few notes.

If I remove Fd-1 CPU usage returns to normal.

I wonder if anyone else is encountering this issue?

I’ve contacted the developer about it.



  • edited November 2019

    Not here. I have some problem with the automation settings in AUM, but not cpu spikes.

  • Hey guys

    I’m am using FD-1 in AUM. I have experienced that that FD-1 causes the a tha audio to chrash when i load the plug-in as an effect on a channel that is routed to a send Bus.
    I hear a small click and the audio from the masteroutput is gone. I still get a read out on the other channels though. But no sound output. In order to get the sound back I have to reaload the session. However sometimes it is enough to remove the send-bus and sen the audio directly to my phones.

    I have seen this happen different AUM sessions.

    Has anyone experienced something like this? It is a super cool plug-in and it is a shame if I can’t us it due to this issue.

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