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Palindrome / McD and Me

edited November 2019 in Creations

@McD created the basis for this track awhile back. I added a Sopranotron track and remixed it with a bit more skill this time.


  • Very nice Mike.. It wouldn’t go out of place in a Charlton Heston Epic movie, Like Ben Hur, or 10 Commandments.. May need a little more Reverb & delay on Sopranos.. So it the Sopranos Sound more space & Deep?... Maybe added String section to boot, to give the real depth of sound.. But great either way mate.. ;)

  • Good to hear from you @studs1966. Thanks for listening and liking. I did add 4 pkts Shimmer to the Sopranotron track so there is some delay and reverb in there. @McD’s tracks were a bit Hero Hebraic I guess.😉

  • Nice guys! I really like the mood of this.

  • Thank you @kinkujin. Very appreciated! I hope @McD, or his simulacrum, will sign in on this with some salient commentary on his always relevant compositions. 🤔

  • @LinearLineman said:
    I hope @McD, or his simulacrum, will sign in on this with some salient commentary on his always relevant compositions.

    I'm embarrassed here. I don't recall anything about this track. Did I send you a Cubasis project to build on? I have a project called ZappaZ and that's a Palindrome. Did you build this using pieces of that? I just don't recall any details.

  • @McD, I posted the original effort last March. I gave you credit on the posting so I am sure it is based on your tracks. From the rendition thread maybe?

  • Yes! It was the "MIDI Interpretation" thread. We would post a MIDI loop and everyone took shots at making tracks from the loop. I think my input to you survived as the bassline here.
    Unfortunately, the forum will show pages 1 and 3 of the MIDI Interpretation thread and my input was on Page 2 so it might be lost.

    Thanks for helping me recall the collaboration. I was very confused about how "we" made this.

    I'm hoping when you can get re-settled that you'll give the Mozaic McOrchestrator a solid test drive. By then it should be stable. I want your input for some suggested arp patterns
    that are as unique musically as you are. They can be described they way Connie describe your scale pattern expercises. 1-2-3b-5-7b-9-9b, etc.

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