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JAX Decimator (Audio Unit) by Jens Guell


JAX Decimator continues our [ Just An Extension ] series of specialised audio effect processors and delivers a distortion effect alike audio unit (AUv3), which is expert in degrading digital audio, controllable in realtime (also via direct MIDI controllers). It is registered as a MIDI controlled audio effect. Parameter automation is possible too.

Audio Units are Apples preferred method of providing shared audio components (extensions) for system wide usage on all of their platforms. Unlike with old IAA (Inter-App-Audio), multiple instances can be loaded and process audio streams concurrently. The extensions integrate into the external hosts and behave like their internal components, but running in a separate process.

Reducing resolution of audio surprisingly generates paradox but interesting sonic results due to the fact, that a wide range of new overtones is produced this way. Low fidelity audio of that sort therefore is a production secret of many professional musicians and also mostly the reason for the legendary characteristics of some ancient production equipment caused by the technical limitations of that time. Modern styles often will profit from controlled degradation of certain parts, adding som magic and spice to the entire result.

With JAX Decimator you can artificially and creatively degrade your audio streams mainly based on 2 fundamentally different reducing mechanisms. These are step-less sample rate reduction and fractional bit depth reduction. Additionally there are several specialised filters available to fine-tune the results of these quite raw sounding signal degenerators. The audio effect also includes some complex DSP boost from our analog modelled JAF Collection.

A manual is embedded into the distribution app, which works as a minimal audio unit host for testing the shipped extension. If you deinstall the app, the audio unit is removed also from the system and no longer available to other apps.

Why the audio units must be purchased on the macOS and iOS separately?

Currently there is no possibility to package these audio units for all platforms due to the fundamentally different architectures and Apples distribution politics.


  • Nice, thanks

  • Free (Pre-ordered) that’s a new one on me !

  • McDMcD
    edited November 2019

    I bought the JAX Collection and it's got a boatload of interesting filters presets.
    I expect this to be interesting too.

    Has anyone pulled the trigger on the other JAX apps?

  • @Jumpercollins said:
    Free (Pre-ordered) that’s a new one on me !

    It happened for me with Mario Kart and Super Mario Run. I heard people complain that the pre-order grants some personal info but I am not concerned.

  • @McD said:
    I bought the JAX Collection and it's got a boatload of interesting filters presets.
    I expect this to be interesting too.

    Has anyone pulled the trigger on the other JAX apps?

    Yes, and they are both very good. Used to be free, can’t see whether they still are. Too bad the developer apparently left the forum.

  • @McD I have JAX stereo tool, but it has some strange resize behaviour on my iPhone ... kind of annoying, so haven’t used it enough to evaluate any further.... :(

  • I get more fun out of the release notes than the plug ins :naughty:

  • Yes, they sound good, the GUI is nice to look at but not comfortable to use.

  • I don’t like how multitouch is implemented on JAX apps

  • @gsm909 said:
    I don’t like how multitouch is implemented on JAX apps

    You mean not implemented? I just bought the filter collection and that was my only criticism, not being able to adjust more than one knob at a time.

    It’s easily my favorite filter algorithm on iOS - though a little pricey @ $15. I love coloring up the signal with it and introducing some musical movement with Numerical”s filter delay. Excellent combination.

  • It’s out and it’s good. It carries its own stamp and character. You can really tear sounds to shreds with this.

  • Not I USA store yet... hopefully soon

  • It has crashed out on me a couple of times... pity that, I was in full flow and really enjoying it on each occasion.

  • Thanks Jens for this! Have not tried it yet, but am sure it will be as very useful as your other apps. Just one tiny, little request... make something else we can pay for to support your work! 😊👍

  • Um.... is there a master out on this thing? Dropping the bit reduction boosts the gain like crazy. Even changing the focus frequency boosts the gain. I’m confused.

  • Definitely feels like a work in progress. I'm also getting some artifacts beyond the intended sound I think. The sliders seem to lag behind my finger as well. Will keep an eye out for updates.

  • This sounds great , it will get used a lot 👍 thanks to the dev.

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