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Freezing DigiStix in Cubasis causes doubled drums

This has stumped me:
I record a MIDI track of DigiStix which I’m happy with. When I freeze it I get the effect of 2 drum tracks being played simultaneously with all the horrible clammy, flangey effects.
Can’t work out how to not do this.
Any advice??


  • Can you describe how you set it up? Did you use the standalone/IAA version or the AU version? Are you sending midi to the channel, or using the DigiStix sequencer? Etc.

  • Sounds like both the midi/pattern-data from digisticks and the recorded midi from Cubasis are merged and the combined output is frozen to audio!?

    Does this also happen if you select an empty pattern in Digisticks and then freeze the track only using midi from Cubasis?

  • If that’s what’s happening, then maybe turning off Host Sync in DigiStix before freezing might help.

  • @wim that’s it! Thanks man

  • Happens with Pulse too. It’s sending out midi and audio at the same time.

  • edited November 2019

    How do you record the AU Digistix pattern into a Midi track in Cubasis?

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