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Happy Halloween from Lady App-titude!

edited October 2019 in Creations

Ladies and Gremlins, now presenting, my one and only, thrilling, chilling, and Halloween-craze fulfilling, 1-minute treat, “Bone Dance” — just for you my little pretties!

Upgraded with a few extra spooky effects and a cheesy video treatment...Enjoy! :


  • ta!
    my only 'oween treat today; rest has been hell. :#

  • Wicked, in both senses. Well, it is Halloween.

  • Great...what a fabulous mix!

  • Lives up to its billing in every way. 👻

  • Loved that. Especially the bass part. Talent and beauty!

  • Thank you, that was great!

  • That's a spooky fun and creative song/video. 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Thanks, everyone!

    Backstory: I originally created it on Halloween last year, inspired at the last minute by a challenge posted on this very forum! Based mostly around a couple of bits of hardware I still have from the 80s (Yamaha DX11 and Alesis HR-16), I started working on Halloween morning, setting a deadline for sundown. I managed to complete most of what I wanted in time, but always felt the opening needed more impact, so this year I added a few more spooky fx. Then I felt it needed something more for its rerelease, so I spent the rest of the day this year on the video, finishing up, once again, just as the sun was beginning to set on this Halloween’s night.

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